Prostitution raids? In this economy?

The recent two day long raid at Hotmovies involving a reported “100 federal agents” detaining 120 employees for almost three hours is just the latest in a series of alleged prostitution crackdowns taking place across the country. In this fucking economy…

The rest of this post has nothing to do with Hotmovies. I have no new inside information about the raid as of this moment, but anything having to do with the government and alleged prostitution in the year 20fucking10 is enough to get me enraged like TT Boy waiting in line at an avn.

For example, let’s say I just spent the last 12 hours shoveling bags of human shit out of a hoarders house, and I felt the need for a deep tissue massage. LEGALLY, I could go on Craigslist and hire a stranger to come to my home or hotel and massage my bulging disk while I’m laying on a bed with just a towel covering my cock. Let me repeat: It is completely legal for me to hire someone to use their hands on my naked body with an end result being me experiencing relaxation, relief from stress, and pleasure. But if those same hands happen to reach down a long 10 inches and lift the towel off my torso and start rapidly shaking my cock like the paint mixer at Home Depot, SUDDENLY this form of “relaxation” and “stress relief” is illegal in the eyes of the government, once again, in 20fucking10!

It is truly reprehensible that the government STILL has the right to regulate the methods in which you get laid in free market capitalist America. And every four years I get someone in this industry telling me to vote democrat because “progressives don’t go after sex”. Remove the enema from your ass FSC because the amount of shit that pours out of it every election cycle is worthless. No politician will ever “go easy” on sex or decriminalize prostitution. As long as there are churches filled with rattlesnake charmers who vote, both sides of the aisle will always pander to them.

The most current and phony argument against prostitution perpetuated by the likes of has been Twitter celebrities like Demi Moore is that prostitution abets human trafficking. The most popular trick in the media spin handbook is to take an issue you disagree with and reduce it to its absolute lowest form in a desperate attempt to prove your point. Human trafficking is an illegal immigration problem and a being held against your will criminal problem. A Chinese woman being forced to shovel rice in some filthy hanging pig restaurant or gluing shoes together for 2 cents an hour in an LA basement are just a small sampling of many end result “occupations” associated with human trafficking. Along with prostitution. Personally, I would rather stick my cock in a cheese grater than go to some house of horrors asian massage parlor. If you are willing to risk getting a kidney cut out for a $45 hand job that’s your business. Not that I would know they only cost $45.

You and I will never see the day when these ridiculous laws get voted down as long as government needs prostitution to be a crime in order to justify its existence. Meanwhile, feel free to get a “legitimate” job in the insurance industry. No crime is being committed as long as no one is cumming.

43100cookie-checkProstitution raids? In this economy?

Prostitution raids? In this economy?

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  1. Very, VERY true, Steve. Good point. I would think more than half our nations laws, including fed, state, and local are far more invasive than our founders ever intended, and unconstitutional. In speaking about crimes against morality, Thomas Jefferson said something like, “It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket. That should be the test for all laws. Otherwise, we have a theocracy, not much different from the Islamic regimes we “God-fearing Christians” love to demonize.

  2. Prostitution will be legalized when the majority of “Johns” (white men over 35) stop fawning over 3rd world “Little Lupes”. That’s all I have to say.

  3. Excellent post Steve my vote strategy this year is simple Libertarians get my vote.

    If theres no Libertarian then Independent

    If theres no independent then whoever isnt the incumbent gets my votes

  4. Thanks Mike and thanks Hunter. You both make excellent points as well. It becomes very freeing when you finally accept the hard truth that democrats and republicans are the same beast. They may take different paths to get there, but they both lead us to the same final destination.

  5. Great op piece. It’s pretty much exactly what I would have written if I had any writing skills. Unfortunately, Americans are too complacent to do much about the draconian laws we’re forced to live under. Just last night there was a big story on the news about cops doing sobriety checkpoints. That’s right, they’ll just stop everybody for an inspection. I’m all for big punishment for drunk drivers, but pulling EVERYONE over in order to check who’s drunk and who’s not, does not constitute living in the land of the free, IMHO.

    I’m with Mike on the voting thing(there’s something I don’t say hardly ever 🙂 ) Incumbents are all gone in my book. Libertarians get my vote. Then, whomever the non-incumbent is. Maybe someday, after I’m dead and gone, this country will become free again.

  6. Steve one thing you can take to the bank…once you lose a freedom to a government, you have to be willing to die to ever get it back.

    Chairman Mao was right Change must come through the barrel of a gun.

  7. It may indeed but you can bet with that many feds involved there will be three charges at least and they will all add up to RICO

    ie asset forfeiture.

  8. When it comes to voting in California we ahve all these ballot measures becuase the legislature doenst do its job. I usually say Vote NO on everything.
    Regarding the above comment about drunk driving,,,we all know that driving isnot a right, it is a privledge, granted by the state, to those who prove to the state, through written,vision, and driving tests that they are competent to operate a moto vehicle. To obtain the contract, that is your drivers license, you agree to these searches, that under other circumstances, other than driving a car, might be considered unconstitiutional. By accepting the license which the stae grants to you,,you agree to follow these laws.

  9. A lot of great points here in the comments. While the majority of my generation obsess over a TMZ story or vote for candidates based on how well they performed on a “Daily Show” appearance, I am prepared to have to fight to retain my freedom at some point in my lifetime. It’s the inevitable. Your neighbor simply doesn’t care anymore. As long as the SSI check comes on time and they still broadcast football on Sundays, liberty and freedom can go to hell.

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