AIM Is Clueless

If there’s one thing people in porn have learned from history, it is that they learn nothing from history.

There is no arguing that AIM has handled this latest HIV problem abysmally.  And it isn’t like they had no time to plan for it.  It last happened over a year ago when Director Tom Moore used his girlfriend in a scene without a recent test and she came up HIV positive.

That one wasn’t nearly as bad as this one. In this one we have a gay performer who crossed over who came up positive, and his regular girlfriend and he had worked a lot, both in Porn Valley and in Florida and God only knows where else.  And therein lies the problem.

AIM nor anyone else can possibly know who all he exposed, and if she turns positive it’s an even bigger mess.

So you’d think AIM would have known that it was inevitable that this would happen again right?  WRONG!

The staff at AIM was so inept that they didn’t even get the testing window right until I pointed it out here, and this is the THIRD time that has happened.

AIM and The FSC are pointing the finger at AHF, who is demanding Porn Valley companies shoot with condoms.  AIM and the FSC say AHF’s agenda is politically motivated.  I am here to tell you that it is NOT.  It IS financially motivated.  If AHF can push AIM out of the picture and set themselves up as the default testing facility they stand to bring in a pile of additional revenue.  With AIM blundering along as clueless as a pig in an algebra class AHF is going to have a slam dunk.

Like it or not condom porn is going to happen.  It is already the law and only lack of enforcement has prevented it so far. That, porners, is about to change.

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AIM Is Clueless

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3 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Despite some of my disagreements with you,,,,I have to say that you very often make valid points also, and youre one of the few who will do it openly. Thanks for provideng the forum for debate. Perhaps I should make a point of showing my agrement as much as i do my disagreement.

    Again, thanks Mike keep up the good work.

  2. See thats the thing…I LIKE healthy debate…sometimes it forces me to re-examine my view. I never take it personal…people who dont agree with me are way more interesting to me than people who do 😉

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