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Where Did The money Go – Reader Mail

Where did the money go? AIM’s bankruptcy records contain some very disturbing information. The industry has been told that AHF caused AIM to fail, but the official records tell a

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What Really Brought Down AIM?

I say what not who because Steven St Croix and Green Gene got it wrong mostly.  You see what people didn’t know that is part of the bankruptcy records now,

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Everything You Need To Know About Why AIM Died

  Watch this: http://www.eroprofile.com/galleries/movie/425024 Even I was appalled there’s “Dr Mitch” performing a scene in AIM’s office, apparently during business hours. And we are mad at Weinstein? Hell he didn’t

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The Problem With AIM

    When I read this account of AIM early history a lot of things became abundantly clear, you get a good picture of what was fundamentally wrong with each

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APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM

This is a Good read from http://www.adultperformeradvocate.org/2011/08/28/aphss-the-evolving-replacement-for-aim/ APHSS- The Evolving Replacement for AIM Posted on August 28, 2011 **Please feel free to repost** The FSC recently announced their program Adult

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AIM Tests Still Online

OK this is FUCKING INSANE people. every AIM test is still available online even though they are all EXPIRED. A reader sent me a link to a TWO year old

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Lets Talk About AIM Here

When I posted that AIM was shutting the doors, a story I verified from multiple sources, AIM backpedaled quickly, releasing a statement that they were not closing and would re-open

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AIM Is Gone For Good Period

I have been hearing this since they shut the doors for “remodeling” last week I have now confirmed it. AIM is shutting down all services, including the satellite draw stations. 

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AIMs Closure, Is It For Good

A lot of people are speculating that AIM isn’t closed for remodeling, it’s closing for good. The battered health clinic has had it’s problems lately and it could be that

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What’s Up With AIM?

according to the website: http://aim-med.org/news/2011/04/11/1302536229/ “AIM is closed this week for remodeling. Please call our office for test results. For testing please use our online testing services. Thank you!” Seriously?

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It Makes Good Copy BT Writes

BT Writes: So, I read this morning that Mark Spiegler is offering Cameron Reid $1,000 to take a lie detector test about how he contracted HIV. I’m not sure that

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