AIM Will Drop Non Profit Status Or How NOT To Fight City Hall

You’ve all heard the saying, you can’t fight city hall.  Well that isn’t going to stop AIM from trying, much to the delight of AHF.

OK the whole licensing thing actually comes back to something AIM new all along.  When they changed their status tonon profit, they lost the ability to work under the umbrella of the Doctors office they were affiliated with, that meant they had to re-open and license as a clinic, which they didn’t do…the re-licensing part that is.

They were trying to have the best of both worlds, clinic status while still able to pass out prescriptions and be a non profit.  They failed and got called out on it.

So now instead of working with county health officials they have decided to go back to being a private company and will likely set up as an S Corp or maybe a LLC.  This is not making the county health people happy. My gut tells me this is FAR from over.  It’s clearly an effort to subvert, which will likely ramp up calls for Cal-OSHA to intervene and for the city to stop issuing filming permits to companies that don’t shoot condom only.

Instead of trying to work with City Hall AIM has chosen to make a stand.  Now I can respect that but there’s a lot more at stake here than just AIM, AHF will march this to victory, mark my words.

And a side note to AVN, when you guys insist on reporting about Sharon’s “doctorate” you aren’t doing anything for your failing credibility.  Or maybe you just don’t really care because you know your time is short anyway?

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AIM Will Drop Non Profit Status Or How NOT To Fight City Hall

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  1. When in the past was AIM ever a for profit operation?

    And Dr. Colin Hamblin makes ALL the medical decisions at AIM. How come you never mention him when you talk aout AIM Mike?

  2. AIM was originally a for profit until just a couple years ago. When they filed for non profit status. The fact that they can’t be a non profit and not be a clinic or whatever is what got them into this mess really.

    AIM has been irresponsible and hasn’t planned, now the chickens are coming home to roost as we say in the south.

    and as for Dr Hamblin he may have his name on the office but he has almost nothing to do with AIM patients. for example AIM passes out antibiotics to people Dr Hamblin has never even seen.

  3. Again, you are wrong on the facts Mike. AIM also has another full time doctor at the clinic. There is NOTHING illegal going on as you infer with the presctiptions being written at AIM.

    AIM has always been a non profit!!!!
    Tell us when it wasnt Mike. AGAIN, please stop with the intentional misinformation.

  4. Nope Milton yer wrong AIM didn’t file for 501(c)3 until some years after their inception. I didn’t imply they do anything illegal in terms of prescriptions I simply said they pass them out to people who test positive and they ask if they have a hubby or boyfriend and give them the meds for them as well. Is that illegal? I know a whole bunch of performers who have been given meds by aim after testing positive who never were seen by any real doctor. They tested positive and got the meds, actually I have no issue with that, I think I should be able to go to a drug store and purchase whatever antibiotics or whatever else I need. BUT as a non profit they can’t operate the way they originally did under the umbrella of a doctor, thats what got them in trouble and those words are straight out of Sharon Mitchells mouth read Kernes latest bit on AIM reopening.

  5. Mike,
    Wrong on the facts again. AIM does not just give out themeds, they write a prescription for them, you go to the pharmacy and get your meds. And yes, it is common practice to offer a prescription to any possiblyexpolsed partner. It is their DUTY to do so. It is called presumptive medication. It allows a possibly infected person to recieve anti biotics without having to make an office visit. IT IS ROUTINE PROCEDURE FOR ANY CLINIC!!!

    You say they were never seen by a doctor. Let me explain this to you very simply,,,The tests are ordered under Dr. Hambins name. AIM staff gets the results and THEN the doctor ok’s the prescription. Then the staff at AIM either gives them the prescription or calls it to the pharmacy of choice of the patient. It is lso routine procedure to offer a prescription to any exposed person, absolutely routine.

    AIM does not hand out prescription drugs without a prescription from the doctor. I could call my doctor irght now, tell him or someone on his staff that I am concerned about an encounter I had last night, and they would call a script to my pharmacy right now.

    I hope this link works,,,it is from FEB.8,1999.

    AIM’s website, clealy states they are a non-profit Feb.8,1999.

    When were they private corporation?

  6. you clearly arent understanding…I dont have a problem with the drug issuance.

    as for aim being a non profit…its one thing to SAY yer a non profit it’s quite another to file the 501(c)3 which aim didn’t do until much later.

    and bottom line the issue is that in taking this route all aim is going to do is piss off the very people who can and will shut them down, one way or another. It could be handled a lot better…but of course it won’t be.

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