The Baby Is Ugly, Someone Has To Say It

I have been getting these questions for years and every now and then I answer them, I guess it’s time again.

I got this via email from an industry insider:

I always thought that AIM and their very existence made a lot of sense testing porn performers as it was a consistent place for people to get tested and turned around results very quickly.  The performers and producers could depend on it and the spread of HIV seemed pretty low at least in my somewhat limited opinion.

Why are we better off with them out of business?


There seems to be this idea within the industry that because it is our baby, it has to be beautiful, it can have no flaws.  This particularly applied to AIM and the Free Speech Cabal.  Most of us knew it all along or at least came to the realization….The baby is ugly, AND it has brain damage.  I’m sorry but someone has to say it.

I worked for years for NASA, at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. as well as at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL.  When you work in the areas I did you worked with people who were anything but morons.  If we fucked up, people died.  If AIM fucked up, people died.  Are you starting to get it?

When I was at NASA if you came into Flight Crew Training in a white lab coat with the title Dr in front of your name, you DAMN well better be an MD.  And if you had the tag PhD after your name you damn well better have defended your doctoral thesis, a dime store diploma wouldn’t cut it when peoples lives are at stake.

The first time AIM had an HIV instance I remember “Doctor” Mitch telling everyone in porn that they were quarantining everyone who had worked with any of the positives within the last thirty days…and NOT ONE PERSON saw the flaw in the basic math.  You have to go back 60 days MINIMUM in case during their last test one of them was positive  but still within the “window period” that AIM itself claimed.

Then the next time…they did it again.

After years of failures on the part of AIM we finally see the baby die.

Are we better off without it?  In my opinion it’s a zero sum game but yes we COULD be better off without it because now we have the opportunity to replace it with something that works, or at least works better.

I know they are only porn chicks, disposable in the eyes of the industry,  not astronauts but they are people’s lives.

The FSC?  That’s a whole new column but that’s one ugly fucking baby too, and it too is retarded.

There I said it…..

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The Baby Is Ugly, Someone Has To Say It

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  1. Nah, that’s not it. The real reason why porn put up with AIM’s incompetence is because, deep down, no one in porn gives a fuck about themselves. I mean, if you’re willing to give up your reputation, your chance to do anything else besides menial employment, and even your ability to enjoy sex for it’s own sake, why the fuck would you care if you have to live with some disease?

    The only reason why porn even had AIM in the first place is because, if they hadn’t, they would have been shut down a long time ago.

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