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Where did the money go?
AIM’s bankruptcy records contain some very disturbing information. The industry has been told that AHF caused AIM to fail, but the official records tell a very different story.
Virtually all money AIM ever received came out of the pockets of performers. Performers paid up front for their tests, cash or credit card. But AIM, in the end, never paid for the testing, stiffing their labs for over $650,000.00, all of which came directly out of the pockets of performers. They also stiffed their employees for about $20,000, and they stiffed several lawyers for thousands also.
So why did AIM close?  Because their lab cut them off and they could not get another lab to take them with their debt to their previous labs. It had nothing to do with AHF.
And where did all the performers money go?  And why arent performers demanding this answer?
And why has the FSC blatantly lied about this for years?
Now they are demanding double the testing, and still the money comes directly out of performers pockets.    Where is the money?
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Where Did The money Go – Reader Mail

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  1. And all of AIM’s record have been willfully and intetionally destroyed. I wonder why Fatboy Kernes hasnt written anything about this?

  2. The issue for many years porn indusrty sold idea to porn stars that FSC is there best freind that been working hard for them. How ever as time gone buy porn stars are find out FSC has agenda take advantage of them well steal money out there pockets claim all for there benefit to do so. Sad thing this gone on for many years with in FSC. Would suprise me if there still doing this. After all no matter how many times there caught at seem there bunch porn stars welling support them still.

  3. I think who set governing board of directors at FSC tells tale what there about. Frist there never been porn star on that board of directors that know of. Ever body on governing board directors has very questionable history being slime bags to there owen people in indusrty. FSC never caried where got donation from long payed for high salary each board member get for seat on board of directors. Board members on board of directors for FSC make more money than most porn stars they say there for. Most FSC board directors from owener of kink to owener of evil angel all wrap up worst scandals porn indusrty ever been in yet on governing FSC who suppod prevent thing like there accused from happening. It realy must be good job be on FSC board of directors you make alot money screw those trust well tell them that your on there side well steaing there money from all porn testing make them do tell them well make safe for them work yet provide no safety protocols there well enforce even on them selfs. Than claim if Aim was round this would happen but yes did happen when Aim was round they where there doing same thing there do now. Most porn stars buy FSC lie after all most people that run porn companys they work for seating on board of directors of FSC. For many years people in porn who knew other people in porn trust those people when they where told Peter Acworth Mark Kernes Christian Mann John Stagliano would safegaurd their best interest seating on FSC board of directors only find out only thing safe gaurd is there owen interest. Same people that where telling porn stars it was in there owen best interest support this people at FSC work for them.

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