And Heres Comes The FSC To Save The Day

OK I been telling y’all that this was coming so no more tease, here it is.

As everyone now knows, AIM is gone, and that was one of the topics the FSC covered in the talent meeting.  There’s also the whole Cal-OSHA and condoms thing, the PWL thing, and the whole porn is in the toilet thing in general.

Well the good old FSC has a plan to fix ALL of it, yes indeed, and you know it’s going to work because all of their past efforts have been so fruitful, like .XXX, which is here to stay, Piracy, which they fixed using the old protection racket model, without the enforcement part, their success in thwarting 2257 and their success in bringing forth any info at all on PWL.  Yes sirree when I think Jeffery Douglas I think man of action…..

When i think the FSC I think ya man, they get the job done!


Don’t you?  LOL  OK stop laughing.


The FSC’s big talent meeting consisted of 7 members of the talent pool and 2 reporters.  Ya you read that right, out of over a thousand talent only 7 showed up.  I can’t decide it this is indicative of an  incredible degree of apathy in the talent pool or if it is a reflection of the talents confidence in the efficacy of the Free Speech Coalition.

As I expected in the first two meetings with producers and agents they decided what they were going to do and in the talent meeting the talent was told what would happen.  “There wasn’t any real indication that we had any choice”, said one attendee.  Another said, “That Diane Duke Lady spoke down to us the entire time, I really didn’t like her dictatorial demeanor.”

What the FSC is proposing is a talent union, they are careful not to call it that, but that’s what it is. But unlike a real union this one has the employers representatives (not the talents) as it’s leaders.  They did say that the union would have a board and there were indications that Jeffery Douglas would be on it.  The talent union would have a network of testing locations and primary care physicians that they could attend at a “discounted rate” and that the Union would maintain a testing database that the FSC is having designed right now.  They also went to great lengths to tell the 7 talent and the 2 reporters that there would be mistakes made….No yer kidding me….Cuz when I think of mistakes the FSC certainly doesn’t come to mind, or Jeffery Douglas….LOL  Oh ya and the talent is expected to pay for this quality representation as well as their testing.  It was also lightly worded that if the talent was NOT a member of this organization they wouldn’t be hired by companies who are, no mention was made of which companies are on board, if any. California is currently not a right to work state so you CAN be forced to join a union there.

All of this will be completed in two weeks to one month, according to Diane Duke.  That’s another indication that it will be half assed and thrown together.

They didn’t say in the new talent union would get cards at Costco for their dues.

I don’t know about you guys but I see an epic fail in the making.

49990cookie-checkAnd Heres Comes The FSC To Save The Day

And Heres Comes The FSC To Save The Day

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  1. WordPress stuck my comment on the wrong article. It was really weird, I don’t understand how that happened, sorry! But anyways, this is what I said:

    I wanted to go but was scheduled to work that day. There was a last minute change of plans and I was able to attend, but they made such a big deal out of RSVPing I was afraid I would get there and they would not let me in (It was a bit of a drive from where I was at the time) Also, groups like this in porn sometimes tend to turn into elitests for no reason so I was thinking that the fact I haven’t made a movie in 4 year might make me unqualified in their eyes to attend.

  2. I saw that looks like a WP bug you were editing a comment while it was posting a new post automatically and your comment got put in the new post weird….how are ya Heather? I always liked you… Hope yer well.

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