AIM Database Has Been Compromised.

If you have ever tested at AIM or any of AIM’s satellite draw stations all of your information is now in the hands of people who shouldn’t have it.

This started with a site that popped up with pretty much every performer’s ID info on it. Everyone was wondering how that information got out, males, females everyone. It started being whispered that it was sold by one or more companies or that it was supplied with screeners, then it started being whispered that it was from AIM.

Now proving something like this would be difficult except, people started emailing me saying “I only used that performer name one time, ever and that was when I tested at AIM.” First I verified two people, then two more both of whom shot only one time, but were required to get an AIM test. All made up a performer name and of the four two never even used the same name on a model release and one never even shot, the shoot fell through. Yet all the names and hundreds even thousands of others appear on this real name list on this site.

Incidentally I have never tested at AIM and my name does NOT appear on this list, even though my real name is readily available to anyone who wants to find it.

If you have ever tested at AIM you may want to call them, or better yet send them a certified letter demanding that all of your info be removed from their database. Even though the damage is done, it is clear that AIM has no direct knowledge how it happened so it could and probably will happen again.

I doubt that AIM actually sold the database, more likely it is just a case of lack of security, allowing someone who shouldn’t have had access to be able to dump the whole database, likely with address and birthdate and other info as well as name.

48440cookie-checkAIM Database Has Been Compromised.

AIM Database Has Been Compromised.

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  1. You know the old warning about acting in porn — someone always finds out, usually the ones that you want to keep it from find out first. This proves it. Here is my advice: don’t do porn if you feel the need to keep it secret from ANYONE. Even many of the agent websites tell their prospective clients that. I just hope there aren’t any social security numbers on this list, that would cause an even bigger problem.

  2. Why hasn’t AIM done anything to finally bring down that forum? They have the lawyers. But nothing has been done. If it was mostly straight men being targeted, you would see something being done. But because it’s mostly women and gay men being targeted, no one cares. It’s their backs you make your living off and the people who run this industry has never once done anything to protect performers. Without them, where would any of you be?? I don’t see any of you scumbags out there doing what they do, putting their lives on the line, and giving up their anonymity.

    Lives are being destroyed and none of you care. There was one woman who emailed them recently begging them to take down her page because she’s been RETIRED for years and doesn’t want anyone to know.

    You’ve destroyed the industry yourselves and you have no one to blame but yourselves. But take the fall yourselves without dragging the performers down with you. Don’t blame society or the government. The people who run this industry have single-handedly DESTROYED this industry. While you marry your whore wives and your brat kids are in expensive private schools, most performers have nothing and many leave porn worse off than when they started. You’re the ones who give this industry the bad image it has. And you all belong in prison & burn in hell for telling 18-year-olds that they’re safer than the general public when it comes to STDs. FUCK ALL OF YOU!

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