FSC’s Answer to AIM Dead Before it Started


For all the hype given to it by the adult press the half Ass attempt byt the FSC to come up with a replacement for AIM has failed,  miserably!

Not sure why they thought they could compete in this market with a higher price and or some sort of membership requirement but it has died before it ever even got started.  Nothing at all has been said or done about it since June, and as has come to be expected from the FSC they simply dropped the ball on it, never giving it the follow through that would have been required to make it work.  Sound familiar?

Yes the FSC is mighty short on anything that anyone might call follow through.

Truth is the FSC has pretty much outlived it’s usefulness and is most likely going to die off.  Lack of industry confidence, lack of leadership focus and simple goals have all but gutted the membership, there is no way that they can continue to pay bloated salaries and retainers with their biggest benefactors like AVN, either pulling out entirely or cutting way back on handouts.

While I always thought the idea of an organization like the FSC was a good one the execution was horrid, plaqued with inept leadership and resource draining parasites it never did really get a foothold in any meaningful way. There was never any personal or financial responsibility.

So is there any doubt really that APHSS would fail?  I certainly called it from day one.  Most of you knew I was right too, though many of you wouldn’t admit it openly.

One could look around the biz today and see that any former glory we once may have had has long been lost…Wicked is advertising to you as you download their latest releases for free on thepiratebay, Steven Hirsch embarrasses not only himself but everyone in the industry every time he opens his cocksucker to trade in any respectability for some tabloid headlines.

There’s a few people out there still trying to deliver a quality product at a good price and not sell out the industry but they are becoming fewer and farther between.

Where is Russ Hampshire when we need him?

What have we done to ourselves y’all?

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FSC’s Answer to AIM Dead Before it Started

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  1. FSC doom fail from start why ??? Becuase they try same thing AIM did that cause AIM to fail higher cost. Old saying when piss on people tell them raining they get rath mad over that fact. That what FSC try that why end up where there at now. I agree there no leadership in porn industry
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