What Really Brought Down AIM?

I say what not who because Steven St Croix and Green Gene got it wrong mostly.  You see what people didn’t know that is part of the bankruptcy records now, is that AIM was   almost a million dollars in debt with over 600,000.00 owed to its test lab alone.  AIM would have been done in even without the PWL scandal.

PWL was the most obvious scapegoat and while AHF might have had a few people ready to sue they were disregarding the first rule of civil litigation, never ever sue poor people.

AIM was already dead, most porners just didn’t know it.  Reckon where all THAT money went?


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What Really Brought Down AIM?

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  1. You know Mike Steven St Croix Green Gene gone be so mad at you becuase piss hole in there AIM bubble of the truth. Good job nice have facts what really happen than fictionlyn account events those two been spining.

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