AIM To File for Bankruptcy? – An Exclusive.

I’m hearing that AIM is either in the process of or has officially filed for bankruptcy protection.  Seeing that they have shut the doors completely I would expect this, and I expect it will be a chapter 7.  Chapter 7 means they aren’t going to pay and that the court will order a sale of all non exempt items that AIM owns to be used to repay creditors.  AIM doesn’t own anything so creditors can expect very little if any relief.


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AIM To File for Bankruptcy? – An Exclusive.

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  1. I wanted to go but was scheduled to work that day. There was a last minute change of plans and I was able to attend, but they made such a big deal out of RSVPing I was afraid I would get there and they would not let me in (It was a bit of a drive from where I was at the time) Also, groups like this in porn sometimes tend to turn into elitests for no reason so I was thinking that the fact I haven’t made a movie in 4 year might make me unqualified in their eyes to attend.

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