AIM Is Gone For Good Period

I have been hearing this since they shut the doors for “remodeling” last week I have now confirmed it.

AIM is shutting down all services, including the satellite draw stations.  They will process everything currently in the queue and then that will be it.  they have laid off all employees.

Word is AIM simply can’t recover from the database breach.  Unofficial word is they are afraid of being sued by the performers over the lack of security regarding the data.  Presumeably they would have insurance that would cover that, but hey we are talkin AIM here.

I’m also hearing the are dancing in the cubicles at Talent Testing and at AHF


UPDATE:  AIM has told other sources they are NOT closing.  That is directly contrary to what someone AT AIM told me.  We shall see….how long does it take yall to rearrange the furniture anyway?  Plumbing…PLEASE I had every single pipe in my nhome replaced years ago (poly blue class action.)  It took the guy 1.5 days

Till you people can try being HONEST for once in your miserable fucking lives don’t expect me to believe your bullshit.


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AIM Is Gone For Good Period

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