Cal-OSHA Meeting Today My Thoughts


The FSC is calling for performers to attend the Cal-OSHA Performer Safety Meeting today. Now while a little performer activism IS a good idea, it won’t happen here, at least not the way they want, it will be apathy as usual.  And why wouldn’t it be?  The performers have been ignored and abused by the industry for so long, why would they now entrust the FSC too know what is good for them….There isn’t even a single performer representative on the FSC, never has been.

So the FSC is going to release the results of a study that says that because nobody knows the exact numbers, that the STD Rates in porn must be the same as they are for everyone else, or even lower.  Let’s be honest here…I’m going to say what you all already know.  Saying that is like saying the Jews in Nazi Germany all had the same death rate as the citizens because the data used to support the numbers doesn’t pass scientific muster.   Anyone with a brain knows that STD rates in porn are far higher than the norm, and performers know this best of all. And so does Cal-OSHA.

In the end this meeting hasn’t even started yet but the outcome has already been determined, and Cal-OSHA already knows what it will be, same as in those FSC meetings….They aren’t meetings at all, they are dictatorial decrees.

The FSC would have you believe that it is Shelly Lubben who is the problem, but the difference between Shelly and the FSC is little, they both claim to represent the wishes and the needs of talent, when neither has the authority to do so. Ask yourself this….If Shelly were to just disappear tomorrow, would that change anything?  Would Cal-OSHA suddenly back down? Will “The Devil and Shelly Lubben” the obsessive so called documentary on Shelly even get accepted to any film festivals, much less win one?  It’s just the FSC doing what they do best…making noise.

The FSC has done so little for so long that the mere name draws images of ineptitude, it may even be that it needs to be dissolved and reborn as something else, with new people and a new mission and most importantly a new name. It’s like someone named Nixon running for president, anyone who experienced him knows that name alone draws an image and would make someone unelectable.

The FSC may be our baby….but lets face it y’all, that’s one ugly baby…..

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Cal-OSHA Meeting Today My Thoughts

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