Everyone Wants the Tomatoes But Nobody Will Take The Time To Water Them

OK a lot happened today and Im gonna get to all of it including the sales of Brazzers Tube sites, The FSC validating what I said about Lawley and Staglianos dismissal and new stripper quotes.

But first I want to point out the problem we have here in this country.

When I left for Dayton I had 3 HUGE tomato plants on my back deck, they were over 6 feet high and loaded with green tomatoes, big ones as well as blooms.  Beside the tomatoes on top of a small table was the hose with a miracle grow feeding nozzle attached and the water turned on so that all you have to do is pull the lever and the water comes out.

Now I have my house wired with cameras so I can see what goes on everyday reviewing the video files it saves.

I see my neighbors coming every couple of days and picking my tomatoes, which is A OK with me, I’m happy to share them.  What I never see is them picking up the hose and watering the tomatoes, even after they are visibly wilting and dying.

I got home after 18 days out of town and they are dead and no longer producing fruit.

All they had to do was spend 5 minutes every time they picked my tomatoes and water them and they would still be getting more tomatoes, but apparently THAT requires too much effort.

So they have an endless supply of free tomatoes so long as they water them, or they can just take them and when the plants die, none of us have any….un fucking believeable.

What is wrong with people in this country?  They wonder why unemployment is high yet they are too fucking sorry to water the tomatoes.

And we expect these people to actually work for a living?

39540cookie-checkEveryone Wants the Tomatoes But Nobody Will Take The Time To Water Them

Everyone Wants the Tomatoes But Nobody Will Take The Time To Water Them

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  1. Dude, you need to leave the South, or at least your neighborhood. My neighbors here in LA watch our pets, water our plants, get up early to scare off coyotes, and generally challenge me to be a better person. They’re responsible friends in good times and bad.

    I think your problem is at least localized to your neighborhood. Or I live in Shangri La.



  2. I see and understand your point completely.
    However, Terriredor is correct. Our neighbors have been great! When we’ve been out of town, they will pick up mail, newspapers, water plants, check on other things and have even shipped forgotten items to us. And we have done the same for them.
    The problem is you’re expecting what should be an indubitable trade between neighbors. Which works fine when both parties have a higher degree of self respect and a belief in trade. They however are takers, without a thought of tomorrow or how the product actually came within their grasp.

  3. Gotta agree with Frank, here. You need to open up a new can of neighbors, Mike. Even though we’re not overly friendly with ours neighbors either in town at our office, or at our house out in the “sticks”, most of us all share a common responsibility to each other. Lady H will call to me in my back office to inform me that the elderly widow, who lives across the street and uses a walking cane, is home from the grocery store. I drop what I’m doing and run across the street to take her groceries in. Which was somewhat comical last year when I, myself was using a cane due to a knee injury. On the other hand, the widow’s son, who happens to be the “cut-off guy” for the utilities company, once paid an overdue power bill for us while we were out of town to keep from cutting us off. Not sure who gets the better end of the trade, but we’re happy with it.

    Yeah, you should move, Mike.

  4. Although I wish it was not this way, I never expect anyone to do something for me especially if I have not directly asked. No one does anything if it is not for themselves. You could have left a note by the plants reading, “please water the plants if you want to continue eating the fruits.” Even if you did that they probably wouldn’t have watered them, and you’d still be pissed when you got home. People suck!

  5. Dude, you know your neighbors have been sucking the gub’ment teat too long when they’re too lazy to steal the entire plant…

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