Some Praise For Diane Duke

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have been critical of the FSC in the past, but I want to take this opportunity to recognize the work that Diane Duke is doing on behalf of defeating .XXX.

She could have left me out in the cold on the story about the FSC being bribed by ICMRegistry, instead she confirmed it and she did it in public, even though Stuart Lawley said it never happened.

I believe she is on the right track on this one and I hope her efforts to defeat .XXX will succeed. She is approaching it from the right perspective, gathering proof that we, as an industry do NOT support .XXX and that the pre registrations that ICM Registry claims prove support are nothing more than domain squatters and a few defensive registrations.

Helmy you fucking sell out….take note.

(FWIW my sources close to Helmy tell me that my light of truth is making him furious with me….so be it! I won’t sell out this industry for a kickback from a scum sucking cunt like Stuart Lawley)

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Some Praise For Diane Duke

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