Lets Add A Few More While We Are At It

More corruption

The Industry trade association the FSC joins in on what amounts to a protection racket with the biggest content thieves in the industry essentially saying pay us and we wont steal your content.

Jules Jordan still sends money and supports the very people who built their business stealing content from everyone in the biz including his.

We have enough money to offer Octomom 1 Million dollars to fuck on camera but we dont have enough money to look after and protect the performers, who are the lifeblood of this industry.

Feel free to add your own here….there’s lots of it.

42590cookie-checkLets Add A Few More While We Are At It

Lets Add A Few More While We Are At It

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3 Responses

  1. What the FSC is doing amounts to giving the the guys who were running very questionable tube sites a free pass to being “legit”. Worse yet, in order to get your normal DMCA style rights, you have to register your videos and PAY the FSC for what is a legal right, and then hope like hell that the tube sites in question actually do what they said they would do. Remember, they got traffic off of “user submittted” video content, you have to wonder if they same genius who was running that part of the sites will be running the FSC verification script.

    I have tried selling the Jules Jordan sites via the Premium Cash program, and honestly, I may as well have pissed the traffic down the toilet. all time ratio worse than 1:20000 conversion on their reported stats. I sort of realizes that Jules’ content is the fodder of much of these tube sites, which sort of makes it hard to compete when the full videos are kicking around easily accessible for free.

    As for Octomom, well, there is a million there to pay her because there is more than a million to be made back doing it. There isn’t millions to be made taking care of the talent, because there is always fresh meat (pardon the pun) coming in the door looking to be the next Ron Jeremy or Lexi Belle. The willingness for people to take the risks implied (even often without knowing them) is high enough that little will change without significant governmental intervention.

    The mainstream media will latch onto this latest HIV situation soon enough, and considering that we are running quickly up to elections in California, I wouldn’t be shocked to see it become a last minute issue on the table.

  2. In a business built on whores (and I’m talking more about the people running it than the people in front of the cameras) why does any of this surprise anyone?

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