AHF vs. AIM What It’s Really About

There’s an old saying used in police work and journalism and other professions: “Follow the Money, Find the Motive”

On the one side you have AIM, a rag tag bunch of misfits, led by a make believe doctor and financed by it’s STD testing arm and very limited donations. but According to their most recent tax returns AIM does more than 2 million dollars in gross revenue for testing, most of which comes from the highly overpriced “PCRDNA” test.

On the other side you have AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a very well organized and well funded machine, with a global presence and deep pockets.

The turf, Porn Valley, USA.

AHF begins by bringing CalOSHA into the act to require condoms on all adult shoots. Porn Valley says if you are successful we will just outsource shoots to places like Florida. So AHF files suit in Florida against the major shooters there…to force condom use. Clearly a pre-emptive strike to tell Porners, we will come after you wherever you go.

At the same time AHF rallies the American medical Association to support the condom mandate.

And, sparks a federal investigation into AIM for violation of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, namely the privacy provisions.

Then they initiate a class action lawsuit against AIM on behalf of performers whose health information was released to producers by AIM.

AHF is well organized and, like it or not, brilliant in it’s strategy. It is a classic example of how a company or an organization with enough money can use the legal system to assume a monopoly.

Speaking of monopolies, that is exactly what AHF is saying that AIM is, and the latest lawsuits have left the door open to include companies that ONLY accepted AIM tests, if class action status is granted look for that to be AHFs next move.

Meanwhile AIM simply does not have the money to fight these battles unless porners, who are already financially strapped, kick in the money to do it.

OK so what’s at stake here? Whats to gain? For AIM it’s easy, their monopoly (and they do have one) on STD testing for the adult industry. I can only see that as AHFs objective. AHF knocks AIM out of the picture and sets itself up as the testing and regulatory arm of the adult industry.

The first move will likely be to make testing free for performers, forcing the production companies to cover the costs, all the while collecting valuable research on STDs. Numbers that can later be sold. It’s likely that they could get millions in grants for the study of STDs, we do have the perfect study group. I would even look for them to push BOTH testing and condoms, abandoning the old and sub standard PCRDNA test for on the spot testing via oral swab, a much more accurate test. All of this adds up to money, and lots of it.

I don’t like the tactics that AHF is using, while I am no big fan of AIM (I wont even accept an AIM test) but to say as fact that AIM discourages condom use is simply not factual. But how many times has AIM done the same sort of thing…doesn’t make it right.

The final outcome on all of this is a long way out but look for AHF to become a big force in industry policies and procedures, and wave goodbye to AIM because I see NO WAY that Cal OSHA will pass on the opportunity to broaden its scope.

Damn we sure coulda used AHF to fight .XXX

Could AHF’s next target be the FSC?

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AHF vs. AIM What It’s Really About

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  1. @MikeSouth1226 It perfect storm siround porn you have told that come to it. This just little taste of what many in porn hope they would not see happening right front there eyes. Have all right thing come together goverment federal and state attacking porn people stealing porn content give way for free . Than have people attacking each other in porn which help those want see gone forever. Well porn surive storm??

  2. Yes. Nothing lasts forever, but hopefully it will benefit those you will experience it anew.

    My parents always said that the world was in the worst place they’d ever seen, but to me and my young eyes, seeing gays and ethnic groups with rights they’d never had before, it seemed to be in the best place that history, and therefore I, had ever seen. Between the old and the young, I guess it is what it is, and that’s it.

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