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Amber Writes:

I was a B-list performer from 96 to 98. This industry’s frighteningly short attention span never ceases to amaze me. AIM and Sharon Mitchell did the exact same thing when

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About “Doctor” Sharon Mitchell

I hear that term tossed out a lot that and Sharon Mitchell Phd and the ever popular with AVN yet incorrect form Dr Sharon Mitchell Phd….let me re-educate the newbies

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Utah- Utah’s governor signed a bill on Monday that would require Internet providers to block Web sites deemed pornographic and could also target e-mail providers and search engines. The controversial

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Get Smart people:

AVN and Sharon Mitchell keep saying that the chances that Darren James contracted the Virus from Laura Roxx are “extremely remote”…Hello the chances that he contracted the virus from any

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Another HIV Positive:

Canadian Laura Roxx has tested positive for HIV, she did a double anal scene with Darren James and Mark Anthony. This comes as no surprise, the big surprise will be

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Basic Math Still Eludes The

This from Sharon on AVN.com “In addition, we recommend that any woman who has performed with Darren James since Feb. 25 contact AIM. Most women in this category will have

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In The Swing of Things:

Last week I got an email from a chick I had met about a year ago, she is cute, petite and very fun and outgoing, her name is Amanda. Amanda

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Florida Cooter Writes:

“My God! That is a dumb statement even for Sharon Mitchell, I didn’t believe it at first but I went to the AVN website and there it was. She needs

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Praise for AIM:

Today I bow my head to AIM Healthcare. In a stroke of true compassion AIM Sharon Mitchell has worked out a deal with LA County to include a full STD

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Chalk one up for AIM.

It appears that a new actor to the biz has tested positive for HIV. The fellow was on a bi-sexual set and suspicions were raised prompting the female involved to

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