In The Swing of Things:

Last week I got an email from a chick I had met about a year ago, she is cute, petite and very fun and outgoing, her name is Amanda. Amanda wanted to know if I would be her date to a swing party on Saturday night. I told her that I had an early shoot and would meet her there about 10 O’Clock. In general I am not a hardcore swinger, I will play if the notion strikes me and the chemistry is right, but I do like to hang around swingers because they are well…Fun!

I met Amanda at a very updcale hotel that was hosting the party and was led around to a big pavillion where everyone was dancing and socializing. It was fun, there were lots of people of all ages in sexy dress and they were enjoying themselves and I was enjoying hanging out. I knew many of them and met lots more.

After a while we all adjourned to an upstairs floor that was reserved exclusively for us. It was cool, people were having sex everywhere but in the halls and they might have been having it there too. most of the doors to the rooms were open and a couple of rooms were set aside as hospitality suites where refereshments were available.

I mingled with Amanda and some other friends and thouroughly enjoyed the evening, even saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in 5 or 6 years.

They have monthly parties here in Atlanta and if you are interested hit up the website United Socials of America tell em Mike South sent ya!

Comgrats To Sharon Mitchell:

She has earned her doctorate in Human Sexuality. Word is she will be essentially stepping down from AIM, remaining only as a figure head. I hear that AIm will get some new blood at the top in an effort to shore up failing confidence due to misdiagnosis and wide spread STD scandals involving the organisation.

Dr. Mitchell will now be opening a private practice.


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In The Swing of Things:

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