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I hear that term tossed out a lot that and Sharon Mitchell Phd and the ever popular with AVN yet incorrect form Dr Sharon Mitchell Phd….let me re-educate the newbies in the biz with the truth

From my archives 04/16/2004

Sharon Mitchell’s Doctorate Degree Store Bought?

I followed up on a tip I got via email. This also appears at adultdvd talk

Sharon Mitchel got her doctorate degree in Human Sexuality from, the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality which certainly sounds legit.

I even looked at the list of California State Approved and Exempt Institutions (http://www.cpec.ca.gov/CollegeGuide/PrivateSystemInformation.asp), and found them there as recognized by the state of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

Post secondary means after High School, Vocational means basically technical training with no degree. Just for the record a PhD is a POST GRADUATE degree.

The WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is the organization that covers the typical 4 year colleges and universities that most people are familiar with, including UCLA, UC Riverside and all the UC campuses, all the CAL State campuses, Berkeley, Stanford, Loma Linda U, Cal Tech, Claremont College, Pomona College and so on. The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality is NOT on this list.

The admission requirements for the Institute for Advanced Study of Sexuality, for their Masters in Public Health ask for your education records, and for any relevant job experience.

Both the UCLA and Loma Linda U. Schools of Public Health, that are accredited programs by the WASC, require that all people admitted to their programs have a bachelors’ degree from a 4 year college and have taken the GRE exam. This stands for the Graduate Record Exam, and is used by nearly all graduate programs to determine if an applicant has the necessary academic background to begin graduate studies.

To people reading this, this may seem like so much gobbledy-gook, but for those who have been through the rigors of obtaining a graduate or medical education, these things are important, and are relevant when discussing a person’s qualifications, particularly when he or she is making decisions that affect the health of others.

In short Sharon loves to confuse people by calling herself Dr Mitch, which implies that she is a medical doctor, which she is NOT. post graduate doctors would refer to themselves as Sharon Mitchell, PhD to avoid this confusion. But truth is her PhD is rather meaningless as she did not have to possess any proficiency whatsoever to get into this “Masters Program” she didn’t even have to have a Bachelors degree, which to the best of my knowledge she does not possess.

Most people would call this sort of diploma…”Store Bought”. Maybe THIS explain why she lacks the ability to do simple math.

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About “Doctor” Sharon Mitchell

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