Get Smart people:

AVN and Sharon Mitchell keep saying that the chances that Darren James contracted the Virus from Laura Roxx are “extremely remote”…Hello the chances that he contracted the virus from any female are extremely remote but he claims that he did, at least at this point he does. Now heres the truth IF he got HIV from a girl it is equally likely that he got it from Laura Roxx as it is anyone else who is HIV positive, including a Brazilian hooker. Had AIM handled this responsibly they MIGHT be able to isolate where he got it…right now theres no way.

Darren James Comes Forward:

Did the threat of outing his real name here flush him out? I hope so.

Darren James has a Responsibility to Come Forward:

And help resolve this mess, if he does not , in the interest of finding him I will be releasing his real name tomorrow unless someone has a damn good reason I shouldn’t.

Allow Me To Clarify: I am NOT Accusing Laura Roxx of Anything:

Nor am I accusing Darren James of anything I am pointing out that it is equally likely that she infected him as it is that some other girl infected him and lets face it this really isn’t about whose a bad guy and who isn’t its about how we handle this outbreak, only a true idiot would just simply presume that she got it from Darren. These are peoples lives they are dealing with. But heres the real truth and you aint gonna hear it from AIM. They may as well presume that she got it from Darren because they can’t even put together an accurate list of people who were indirectly exposed through Darren. When you add Laura Roxx to the list you may as well just assume that anyone in porn could have been directly exposed, and that ladies and gentlemen is where all of this is going. Sure Darren is going to take the fall for it whether it was him or not but remember there’s no evidence anywhere at this point in time that points conclusively to Darren or to Laura, or to anyone else.

Today I got the Boat Ready to go Offshore:

I love the sound of the two big fourstrokes purring as the speedometer climbs up to about 40 knots. The warm sum on my bare back, the smell of the oil on the fishing reels. It makes porn Valley seem like a very far off place, which it is.

Mitchell and AIM decide a Week Later What We All Already Knew:

Mark Anthony is now being carried as someone who was directly exposed. See in that double anal he rubbed dicks with Darren, thats about as direct as you can get.

Mitchell Believes Darren was Infected in Brazil:

Thats what she said in AVN today. Despite the fact that it is JUST AS LIKELY that James was infected before he left for Brazil. But Sharon is willing to bet YOUR life on it. She is only testing as though James gave it to Roxxx. That could prove to be a fundamental mistake but with James and Roxx having performed together in Canada in January who would know?

Even Steve Bannan Ain’t Wrong All The Time:

He is right that Sharon Mitchell should resign. I’d bet Sharon is a fine phlebotomist and probably a fine HIV counselor, lord knows I wouldn’t want to have to tell someone they have HIV but the management of this outbreak of HIV is abysmal.

Could I do Better Than Sharon Mitchell?:

Fuck yes, a Rhesus monkey couldn’t do much worse….

Am I Qualified to Run AIM?:

Of course not and I wouldn’t want the job, but we need someone who can. And most everyone now sees that Mitchell is not that someone.


Well Janine has to be Hating This:

This whole HIV thing stole whatever thunder she might have had by doing that first boy/girl.

The Internet Folks Aren’t as Gullible:

The people on, specially the adult internet elite see the alliance of AVN and AIM as the same as that or Sauron and Saruman In The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. Both are taking a LOT of heat. I guess computer geeks tend to be more mathematically inclined and tend not to take leaps of faith over good old common logic.

But They Aren’t the Only Ones:

Over the weekend I got an outpouring of support from the very upper levels of porn straight down to some folks I had never heard of. I do appreciate that y’all, anon or not It pleases me that I do not stand alone.

I Do Wish to Point Out Once Again:

That I do not proclaim to speak for anyone but me, I do not desire to lead a battle in a holy war of porners against each other, nor do I wish to see my friends in this business led blindly to slaughter by a holy belief in a golden calf called Sharon Mitchell. Personally I don’t really have anything against Sharon, she is just way beyond her level of competance. As always what I want YOU to do is to take responsibility for your own life because then you have nobody but yourself to blame or pat on the back.

Margold Was Right:

We destroyed ourselves, we didn’t need help. Cal OSHA and the City and County of Los Angeles are now prepared to enact legislation requiring the use of condoms on porn sets, its now inevitable. Sharon Mitchell says it will drive the business underground. Thats probably incorrect what it will do is drive production OUT of L.A. County if the state enacts similar legislation look for gonzo companies to rise from other areas. The big boys will remain LA Based but production wont happen there. Market driven economics you can’t legislate it out of existance.

How Long Have I Been Telling Y’all:

That if we don’t control ourselves then government will do it for us and we won’t like it. Watch as these words come to pass in 2004.


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