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Chimpy (Not Wankus) Writes:

It’s funny when you say that the more victims of this hiv thing get announced, the less tramatic it is. That’s just human nature unfortunately and as sad as it

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From Dirty bob:

DEN said” “I will take your advice and not look to AVN for anything anymore.” Dirty bob says “I never gave that advise or suggested it. “ Some Random Thoughts:

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Get Smart people:

AVN and Sharon Mitchell keep saying that the chances that Darren James contracted the Virus from Laura Roxx are “extremely remote”…Hello the chances that he contracted the virus from any

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Another HIV Positive:

Canadian Laura Roxx has tested positive for HIV, she did a double anal scene with Darren James and Mark Anthony. This comes as no surprise, the big surprise will be

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Basic Math Still Eludes The

This from Sharon on AVN.com “In addition, we recommend that any woman who has performed with Darren James since Feb. 25 contact AIM. Most women in this category will have

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