Another HIV Positive:

Canadian Laura Roxx has tested positive for HIV, she did a double anal scene with Darren James and Mark Anthony. This comes as no surprise, the big surprise will be if she is the last.


Do They Have One For Parolees Yet? Porn guys are waiting anxiously for the answer::

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Researchers looking for the next generation of erectile dysfunction drugs said Wednesday they found a precise mechanism that stimulates erections in rats without dangerous side effects.


A Pornchick Writes:

Ok here is what happened

I was contacted by a gentleman named Steve Strong, email address [email protected] he claims on and other sites that he shoots for an interracial website called he wanted to shoot a few scenes..1 B/G, One B/G/A and one DP for the fee of $2500.00 just for a couple hours. I said ok, they paid for my hotel in NYC, and I shot the scenes.
They handed me a check, like a Cashiers check, I had no reason to doubt that it was anything other than that, but when I went to cash it, it was found that it was counterfiet.
So, here I am out $2500.00 (which I desperately need right now to pay bills, dr exams for my kid, etc) and I feel violated, raped, they have the tape, lord knows what they are going to do with it.
I feel like I am going crazy, and ready to admit myself to a psyche ward.

I suggested that she call both the NYC Police and the FBI, She did…

XXX just got off the phone with NYPD these guys have done this before……..

So if you are contacted by these guys Call NYPD and tell them where they can find these scumbag assholes.


Dirty Bob and Ron Jeremy in Mad Magazine:

Now I’m Impressed….Photo by Tim Case.

Top THAT A-Dell….Thats even better than the New York Times

A Lawyer Who Isn’t a Scumbag, It Warms My Heart:

Ron Miller aka Don Hollywood, male talent and a real life practicing attorney, contacted today to offer his thoughts on the current HIV crisis.

“This is the perfect time for the adult business to finally unite and come together to help each other,” Hollywood said. “We see too much bickering and feuding going on between people in our own business, if this isn’t a time to come together, when is?”

As an example of how industry folks can help one another, Hollywood is offering FREE legal assistance to talent affected by the work stoppage. “If someone has fines due or court appearances, I will go with them to court and tell the judge the state of the industry and do everything possible to get an extension on cases or fines due. ” Hollywood continued. “Whether they just need advice on a legal matter, filing, DUI, whatever, I’m willing to work pro-bono because I know that talent is going to have a very rough time surviving this scandal because of lack of income.”

Hollywood, who has a website at, wants everyone in the industry to reach out the same way. “If you have room in your house and you know someone needs a place to stay, do the right thing and offer them a spot to hang for a while,” he said. “Invite talent over for dinner, anything that you can do to help will bring the industry closer.”

Don has given us permission to print his cell phone number for talent who may want to take him up on his offer for free legal services. Contact him at 818-391-3534 or at [email protected].

Hollywood concluded, “there are girls in such a bad financial state, they can’t even afford to go over to AIM and get re-tested for $110. We can’t give them work right now but we can at least lend our support and help.”

I applaud Don for this, it’s a stand up decent thing to do and it really is cool of Don. If AIM is refusing anyone a test right now for lack of having the money they should be permanently shut down and run out of town, I hope that part is not true.

The KDCADL Rings in Again:

Honorable Mike South,

We too notice conpiwacy that Big Al notice. We think Aderra putting our emails in trash can. We send this retter again on Tuesday night and again they ignore us, we will send to you and to Digital Prayground Bronde Girls Jesse Jane and Devon untill they read it. We will not give up good fight for what is wight. We do not fear round eye name Jewn, He bring us his shirts we lose them and point to sign and pretend we no speak Engrish.

Dear Jesse Jane,

Where gai-jin Mike South?

He round eye pig but he funniest thing ever on DPTONIGHT

The Korean Dry Cleaner Anti-Defamation League

PS We want to see Aderra nekkid we see her on mike south worthy website. now we want to see Aderra titties


Big Al Einstein Sends This:

( I sent this to Jesse Jane at DP Tonight because you said on your site that they would be discussing it. They failed to answer, or even read it on the air. I think you are looking at a conspiracy against readers)

One of the biggest goals in physics today is to unify the strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational forces into one unified force, Grand Unified Theory.

Max Planck and myself spent our lives trying to come up with a theory that would apply both to classic physics and to subatomic particles.

Please explain to us what it is we overlooked, is the answer in the subatomic quantum field theory?

And show us your tits.

Your Loving, Al

Well Al, What can I say I am sure they must have had far more important things to talk about on that show, like how hot it was in there or whether theres any asian guys in porn. Glad to know you read me though, lets do lunch sometime at Einsteins here in Atlanta..Do you get a discount?

A Portrait made from porn pics:

Green Lantern Has a Question, Nturally it involves Leanna Hart:

BTW, I don’t know how you want to write this up for your site but on, Heidi Pike-Johnson has a list of adult film stars that are featuring across the U.S. each month. She has her email address posted for performers to email her their individual feature dance schedules for inclusion to her list (which is basically copied & pasted from, BTW). HOWEVER just like AVN, Heidi has her favorite performers that she allows on the list (Chantz Fortune?? Who’s she??) and emails that have been sent to her for other peformers (3 guesses who I’m subtly plugging) get ignored for posting to the list. It also seems that the perfomers who DO get advertised are mostly girls under contract to AVN’s main advertisers (e.g. JKP, Vivid, Wicked, etc) or AVN Hall of Famers. Now I know that you and I had our differences on promos & PR in the past but at least you had the guts to inform me why you wouldn’t post promo stuff. All messages to Ms. Pike-Johnson reference this issue have gone unanswered.


Buy a full page color ad in AVN every month that’ll get ya whatever you want…..

Yes I know that the UPS Thing has been Debunked By Snopes:

But the message is good, certainly doesn’t hurt to stay alert in this day and age and people posing as UPSdrivers really IS an age old problem for UPS.

I got this Email, I cant guarantee its Authenticity but the Message is Correct READ IT Just In Case:

Subject: UPS Uniforms


Government Warning regarding purchase of UPS uniforms:
There has been a huge purchase, $32,000 worth, of United Parcel Service
(UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a
serious threat as bogus drivers (terrorists) can drop off anything to anyone
with deadly consequences! If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver
appears at your door, they should be able to furnish VALID I.D
Additionally, if someone in a UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick
up, make absolutely sure they are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn’t make
deliveries or pickups in anything, except a company vehicle
If you have a problem, IMMEDIATELY call your local law enforcement agency
right away!
TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Tell everyone in your office, your family, your
friends, etc. Make people aware so that we can prepare and/or avoid
terrorist attacks on our people! Thank you for your time in reviewing this
and PLEASE send to EVERYONE on your list, even if they are friend or foe. We
should all be aware!

Kimberly Bush-Carr
Management Program Specialist
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Bureau Customs and Border Protection
Washington, DC 20229

Why Not Take Testing Into Our Own Hands?:

Orasure has an FDA approved 20 minute test kit that costs you 29.95

I would bet AIM can get them in BULK for a LOT less. Sure AIM is going to kick and scream that its not as accurate as the PCR/DNA but they would be wrong. Make your partners test 20 minutes prior to the scene, you do the same, by the time you get out of makeup you know the results up to the minute. That beats a 30 or 60 day window test everytime. Maybe orasure wouldn’t have caught Darren in the first week, maybe it would but it would have caught him him before some of the direct exposures had worked with him, and just maybe it would have caught whoever infected him before he was infected.

Are porners responsible enough to take testing responsibility themselves?

Anon in L.A. Writes:

Hey Mike,

I just read your posts and I was thinking the same exact thing when I first read about this outbreak story – Sharon Mitchell had the window of opportunity wrong for how long Darrin James could have been infecting people. Then yesterday she arrives at the conclusion that a 30 day quarantine on this group of 12 girls and again I was scratching my head how she arrived at that number – today she changed her position and extended the quarantine to 60 days. This is a woman who has lived and breathed this stuff for years, has had to have walked herself through this type of crisis in her mind many times – yet when it happneed she seems to have got practically everything wrong. Even I as a layman yesterday was already coming to the realization that the third and fourth generation group are completely unknown at this time, we’re talking about a much bigger group than generation two and all potentially carrying the HIV virus now – and yesterday she’s telling people that it’s only the generation two people to avoid working with. Those third generation people are only third generation now because it’s too early yet to find out how many of these girls are going to turn out to be HIV positive. In all liklihood sadly at least one or two of these girls is going to be found to be HIV positive within 60 days – some of those second generation people, mostly guys, are more than likely really first generation.

I dunno, she seems out of her league in this crisis. Bet the LA County health department gets involved here fast if any of the 12 girls turns positive.

Horrible situation for everybody in L.A.

It’s a horrible situation for everyone, specially those who may be infected and are waiting to find out, and will be unsure for another month or two or even longer. We have seen this happen in porn countless times with Gonnorehea and Chlamydia, they run amuck in the industry regularly. Now with the proliferation of anal, inetrnal cumshots, internal anal cumshots, this is all VERY high risk behaviour…the HIGHEST risk. So we should have known that if a performer did come up HIV positive that it would be a very bad situation, how do you track down everyone he worked with and everyone they worked with and everyone they worked with for the last 30 days? Might as well quarantine the entire business…and thats what we have to do apparently.

On another note I have read many times how its common practice foir talent to show up with no test, they simply say call AIM. Thats sad that people in this biz have gotten that lazy, if I tell you to bring your test and you dont you go home with no pay, its that fucking simple and if more people took that stance talent wouldn’t be pushing this off on AIM.

AGP Modeling Writes:

Protecting our talents interest and health is something we all need to look at. There is doubt that the HIV+ event has caught our attention in the adult business! The question that is at hand is how serious everyone is going to take it.

The rumors of the business going on stand down for 60 days is something that we all should worry about. The health of our talent is most important here so I fully support it. Just like each and everyone of you, we make a living from this very product we call talent! So, it does effect us all in some way or another. This is just a little wake up call to reality of the business! Hopefully, we all will appreciate the talents and their abilities to do what they do.

We have asked all our talent to prepare themselves for a slow next couple months because of this. One thing that I think should be finally applied to the protection of our talents is using condoms. Not only at this crisis at hand, but from now on! That is not going to happen with the high demand of this style of shooting. Since there is a rise of heavy shooting overseas in the last year or so, I do think we should try keeping the adult talent here in the states. Nothing against any other race or anything like that but we have to try containing our talent to a smaller scale by sticking to the USA.

I also think that the couples of the adult business should start pushing hard now at this time of our need for talent to work. I also suggest that any talent out there that has a certain partner that he/she wants to work with, that they should apply that right now to help in the containment of this whole event. We have very little male talent around so this is going to hurt the mass of girls but it is the best thing for the business. I know that a lot of the companies are going to shoot no matter what and I just hope that you do whatever it takes to protect the talent by any of the above suggestions. Lets all work together to get through this and we can maybe grow stronger from it. Our thoughts go out to Darren James and all the talents who are involved in this terrible event.

Joey Serio and Staff

OK So NOBODY is Lying:

I just got a call, Kayla was mistaken she did not work with Darren on Saturday, she worked with him on Thursday. On Thursaday he would not have known that he was positive.

Why I was originally told emphatically that it was on Saturday and now the story has changed I don’t know.

I am glad to fnd out that he didn’t work after knowing that he had tested positive. AIM has the correct dates, that she worked with Darren according to Kayla now.

BC Writes:

For the love of God, Mike,

why don’t you just cut through all this porn political bullshit and give some sane advice to people potentially affected by Darren James’ positive HIV test. The advice would go something like this:

1. Stop work now
2. Stop having sexual partners in your private life now
3. Go to an independant laboratory and get Antibody tested now (ELISA, Western blot, etc.). This test is ground zero.
4. Don’t have sex for work or pleasure for 3 months. As far as I know this is the time is takes for the long-term antibody response to generate
5. Get tested as in 3
6. If you are negative back to work, if you are psoitive…

Antibody tests are the medical standard test in all responsible diagnostic laboratories world-wide (the ELISA is probably the GOLD STANDARD test). We are now not talking about routine testing in the porn industry and what test best suits that complicated scenario but about detecting HIV-positive individuals by the best method available. That method is whatever is accepted as the standard in the medical industry. This is antibody-based methodologies NOT nucleic acid-based (RNA/DNA) methodologies such as the PCR and RTPCR. Arguing about this is moot because there is NOTHING to argue about. As for companies out there that won’t accept tests not conducted by AIM? Fuck them, it peoples lives at risk here.

I am not a medico so, if you want to pursue this, take the above as a blueprint, go and see your family (general) medical practicioner and ask them to comment on it. Make adjustments as necessary and, if you feel so inclined, publish it on your website. Don’t publish it directly because that would be an IRRESPONSIBLE thing to do.

As for the cost of AIMS testing, well you pay a shitload of money for these things in most places. ELISAs are cheaper than PCRs, though, but most of the cost is labour or use of really expensive machines. Thank God we have we have community sexual health centres here in Australia where we can get screened for common STDs for FREE. Thank God for a “socialist” health care system. You AMmericans can have your “free market” system.

Actually we have free testing here too…all over the place but they do ELISA tests and AIM has convinced everyone that is an “unreliable” test.

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Another HIV Positive:

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