Chimpy (Not Wankus) Writes:

It’s funny when you say that the more victims of this hiv thing get announced, the less tramatic it is. That’s just human nature unfortunately and as sad as it is for the girls getting the disease, no one can fault us as people for becoming “numb.”

George Carlin once made a very good point in his comedy act, it’s sad but true. As humans, we want to see Bigger and Better tragedy. When there were rumors of another infected party, I think a part of us as humans hopes so just to satisfy a very sick side of our curiousity. Not literally hopes so, but a little sick part of us says, “c’mon, announce another one.”

As Carlin said, when we see a plane crash on the news and the anchor says 48 people died, as humans we think “that’s it???” We almost want to hear about 500 people dying.

I know this sounds pretty twisted. It is. I am not at all wishing more hiv cases come out and I do sympathise with those other girls going thru it…but as people, we eventually just as you said, “get numb!”

Thank you Mike,

(NOT Wankus)

Comfortably Numb:

It seems that with each passing new HIV positive, it less and less of a story. The intervention of the government is now pretty much an accepted fact. and state legislation that AVN implied was back-burnered because it wasto be further investigated…well thats quite wishful thinking. I have learned that the real reason it was held up is because there were way to many loopholes in it. Its going to be tightened A LOT so that porners can’t circumvent its intent.

Meanwhile you can rest assured that at the very least another female performer is going to test positive, I am already hearing about it.

Just think, only two weeks ago AIM said in a NATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE that they had no reason to believe anyone else would test positive, what a stupid fucking fucking statement. Only a complete idiot would make that claim, and theres my point…..The government may be full of idiots, but they aren’t complete idiots….

So What are we doing about it? Anyone?

Jen Writes:

Hi Mike,

As you know I do a lot of sales of product to retailers. Funny enough, the crisis has gotten their attention too. One of my retailers is getting all anal/creampies/trannie/and other forms of high risk sex films off their shelves, even though some of these were their highest profit for them. They fear that the national attention that the HIV crisis has gotten will make them targets for local prosecution. I cannot say I blame their fear having been on the end of a retail take down in 1999 myself. I just wonder though, that if more retailers jump on board and this becomes widespread how that will effect the Industry and it’s movie sales? I currently don’t carry the above types of movies as I distribute mostly features, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on it going to the retail level. Do you think this one retailer will be just an isolated case or do you believe that we will see others jump on board? This same retailer (who has had their store for 30 years) also asked me if I thought that the film footage of Darren James and Lara Roxx would ever be released, I said honesty that I did not know, but that I could personally never watch it as I would be watching a girl’s life being changed forever. I have little doubt though that some how it will show up on the internet as some sick curiosity. I used to love this business, I used to love seeing couples buying the films and and toys to keep the sparks going in their realtionships. I always felt that a couple who could freely communicate enough to use adult merchandise, was a couple doing well because they had that one big key in their relationship “communication”. But now I am sad, sad that the fantasy that these performers have provided for others is taking their lives, and that some in this Industry did little to protect them or educate them properly giving them a false sense of security. Let’s face it, I know several of the big movie companies and they give their salaried sales people and execs, health insurance, if you have a contract girl/guy then they too should be treated as a slaried employee and entitled to the same benefits. I mean really, if they are under contract then essentially they become salaried employees don’t they? My mind is just spinning from all the Information and news, but thank you for such honest insights on your site.


Thanks for writing Jen, as always. I don’t think your retailer is an isolated instance but I don’t think that it will be wide spread either. Many of the people who are in this business, and indeed many of the consumers really are here because they hate women. I don’t think that represents all, or even a majority but it is a fact. As such, unless the local prosecutors jump on this material it won’t become widespread.

As for the footage of Darren James and Laura Roxx being released, sadly there are consumers who are salivating at the idea of masturbating to that. It will come out, its a very sad statement of just how morally conscious this business isn’t.

Now about the contract girls and guys AFAIK only Digital Playground and Vivid and I think JKP actually provide the contract performers with health insurance although rumors I’m hearing say Darren James has health insurance from TT Boy, as long as he doesn’t talk TT Boy insures his health….

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Chimpy (Not Wankus) Writes:

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