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I was a B-list performer from 96 to 98. This industry’s frighteningly short attention span never ceases to amaze me. AIM and Sharon Mitchell did the exact same thing when it came to Wallice’s suspect test, resulting in the infection of several other female performers. Just before this situation occurred, I was sent to a hardcore magazine shoot by my caring agents, Jim South and Steve Austin.  Steve went on and on about how great it would be for a newbie like me to work with a legend like Wallice, and what a wonderful person he was. The day of the shoot, I end up getting horribly lost, driving from my little suburb of Chino to the big, bad Valley. These were the days before navigation and cell phones, so I ended up arriving an hour late for the shoot, which is very frowned upon; time is money. Immediately upon my arrival, I was confronted by an angry, raging German woman with a butch haircut. After screaming some choice words at me and just generally spewing evil at me, she ordered me to get dressed for the shoot.  I felt tears stinging my eyes, and I decided to get the hell outta there. I cried the whole way home, my car was on the verge of being repossessed and I really needed the money. On top of that, I was sure I just ruined my reputation in the industry, as I’d just pissed off this powerful photographer who has a stellar reputation in the industry. Two days later, I along with the rest of the industry, minus AIM and Sharon Mitchell, found out Marc Wallice faked his tests and infected other performers. Yes, AIM already knew. They did not immediately release the information as soon as they had it, nor did they immediately “launch an investigation”. Needless to say, I gave up my dreams of becoming the next Jenna Jameson in favor of living.  Sharon Mitchell is a joke, and whoever let this drug-addled, disgusting shell of a human being take charge of any form of public health, is seriously delusional. Healthcare in porn should be AIM’s top priority, but instead they are nit-picking about who’s test they are going to pay for. Where is the anger here people?? Stand up!!  Why can’t AIM get a real doctor, one with ethics instead of dollars signs in their eyes?

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Amber Writes:

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