Utah- Utah’s governor signed a bill on Monday that would require Internet providers to block Web sites deemed pornographic and could also target e-mail providers and search engines.

The controversial legislation will create an official list of Web sites with publicly available material deemed “harmful to minors.” Internet providers in Utah must provide their customers with a way to disable access to sites on the list or face felony charges.

The measure, SB 260, says: “Upon request by a consumer, a service provider may not transmit material from a content provider site listed on the adult content registry.” A service provider is defined as any person or company who “provides an Internet access service to a consumer,” which could include everything from cable companies to universities, coffeeshops, and homes with open 802.11 wireless connections.

Gee Greg I remember youi saying this COULDN’T Happen? Where are you on this? Why so quiet? You still helping that asshole Hendales pimp the .XXX Top Level Domain?

Sharon Mitchell, A Stranger To The Truth: (From Jeff)


I can see why everyone has a bad attitude about Sharon Mitchell. She not only talked about how common underage performers used to be, she even stated that she was underage on this quote from (who quoted it from elsewhere):

Sharon Mitchell: “People were surprised that girls started in porn when they were underage, but I wasn’t surprised because I started underage… I starred in my first feature, Joy, when I was seventeen…”

Normally I would just put it down as another porn story but the claim seems so outrageous I had to look it up. I am surprised Luke didn’t comment on it.

Sharon Mitchell (From IAFD):

Born 1952

Some movies of unkown year however they have costars who did not enter the business until after 1974

First movie: 1974 (Sharon was 22 years old)

Movie “Joy” (her 25th movie) was produced in 1977 when Sharon Mitchell was 25.

She doesn’t seem to help the industry with these claims.She was not an underage performer unless she did some movies not on this list:

Movie Title, Distributor, Year
Bad Sex, Unknown
Bizarre Thunde,r Unknown
Horny Landlady, SWV
Satan Lake, Unknown
Travails Of June, Unknown, 1974
Abduction Of June, SWV, 1975
Domination Blue, Unknown, 1975
Lisa Meets Mr. Big, Video Home Library, 1975
Portraits Of Pleasure, Blue,, 1975
Sin Of Lust, Unknown, 1975
Come To Me, Air Video, 1976
Cracked Ice, PVX,, 1976
Jail Bait, Command, 1976
Secrets Of Mona Q, AFV, 1976
She’s No Angel, Astro,, 1976
That Lady From Rio, Unknown, 1976
Water Power, Unknown, 1976
Barbara Broadcast, Vca, 1977
Blonde Velvet, Unknown, 1977
Blue Voodoo, Unknown, 1977
Breaker Beauties, Video Home Library, 1977
Captain Lust, Unknown, 1977
French Teen, Cal Vista, 1977
Heat Wave, Command, 1977
Joy, Unknown, 1977

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Sharon will say just about anything if she thinks it will make her look important, resulting in AIM being the joke that it is.

This Whole Terry Schiavo Thing Makes Me Crazy:

You have Republicans who have turned this into a moral (read religious) issue. These are the same Republicans mind you, who are dead set against the only thing that MIGHT be able to give Terry a normal life…Stem Cell Research. Don’tcha just love the hypocrisisy in that.

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