Todays Good Neighbor Award Goes To:

July 28, 2004 (PACE, Fla.) — Scott Teston is fighting his neighbors whole hog.

He put 17 pigs in his Florida Panhandle yard after neighbors objected to a zoning change request. Teston wanted the property rezoned from agriculture to business.

Now, neighbors are raising a stink about the pig pen next door. But county officials say there’s nothing they can do about the animals because the suburb of Pace is zoned agricultural.

Teston is being a little pig-headed about his rezoning request. He says if it’s rejected again, he’ll put 500 hogs on his property.

This Just In! And a Contest!

Apparently The “P” in Sharons Phd has more to do with Poop….appropriately so…Looks like AIM is expanding.

OK Heres the contest Caption this picture. Winner will get something.

Come on Harry I haven’t heard from you in ages heres your chance to shine brother.

You Read it Here First:

Word is that Skeeter is gonna be directing for Vivid…Say thats a joke…..

Well it ain’t AVN just picked up the story and apparently the first Kerkove/Vivid release will star Tera Patrick and presumeably Evan, as well as Brianna Banks (formerly Mirage) Glad to see AVN run a story I ran first 😉


A Few Observations:

Am I the only one that thinks Digital Playground is putting out more Stormy Waters Vids than the company she has been under contract to for a year?

Speaking of DP The best editing in porn BAR NONE…Jacks Playground, the guys that cut this are shit hot!

I was Having a Confab With My Buddy Neal Boortz: (

We were talking about the election and he was ranting about special interests, y’all know what special iterests are right? Now quick think of a special interest group that weilds a LOT of political power.

OK I’m guessing you thought of either the AARP or the NRA, they are the two biggest.

If everyone who rents porn were to get together and form the FAP (First Amendment Protectors) we would have more political power than the AARP and the NRA COMBINED!

Y’all think about that one

12820cookie-checkTodays Good Neighbor Award Goes To:

Todays Good Neighbor Award Goes To:

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