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Orlando airport has told the Transportation Safety Agency to Get The Fuck Out.  The airport is going to replace them with a private security firm. According to the transportation safety

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John Tyner Deserves A Medal

If you haven’t seen it, this is it…… httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UqM56e-kRA Personally, I love this guy, he deserves a medal for being a good American. We have just reached the point where

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Politicians VS. Porn girls

The thought occurred to me the other day, as I was watching the news, that there are some stark differences between politicians on the Hill and girls that like to have

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A reader writes:

You will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that I cast my vote today for Pat Wright, the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California. Did I dangle my chad for

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The Internet Freedom Association:

On Saturday during the InterneXt show I attended a legal seminar. One of the topics was the formation of an industry association to help us look after ourselves AND potentially

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This from Roger T Pipe’s Site:

List #55 June 24, 2002 10 Fads I Wish Would Come Back (Nostalgia Warning) 1. Simple stiletto heels- No Platforms, just good old 1980’s F*ck me pumps. 2. Jeans with

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This is Lia Nice:

The photos are not of a girl named Lia Nice but are of a person who allowed her photos to be used by law enforcement officers to take down www.bigdoggie.net.

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Tod Hunter corrects me:

The Tera Show is the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. It ain’t till next week, bruddah.” Damn, damn, damn and double damn….here I thought it was every other

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