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On Saturday during the InterneXt show I attended a legal seminar. One of the topics was the formation of an industry association to help us look after ourselves AND potentially to encourage internet porners to self regulate. This announcement met with OUTRAGE from Free Speech Coalition HWMIC William Lyon. Lyon seemed to feel that the industry doesn’t need it’s own association, that the FSC can do it for all. Lyon was resoundingly outvoted, it was obvious that internet porners don’t trust that the FSC would do anything more for them than it has for The Elyse Metcalfs, the Seymore Butts and the Jeff Stewards. As an adult webmaster and site owner I, for one, support the formation of the IFA, at least at this juncture. I think a little self regulation would benefit us all and I think that an association such as this would benefit us far more than the FSC even has the resources to, particularly if we come under fire from the Justice Department as the lawyers keep warning will happen.

Something else I took home from this seminar was a statement that one of the panelists (all lawyers) made. He stated his belief that the next presidential election will hinge on the Internet vote. He believes that sites like this reach far more viewers than radio and television, because people actually read what they see here, at least when there is not a new members update.

This being the case I would like to remind you all that it is us who have made the internet what it is. Porn and gambling are the only routinely profitable Internet ventures. We have developed the technology for online billing, streaming, data compression, selling, advertising and identification. Without us there would be no money to lay fiber cable and to push the internet to even faster and more efficient delivery. So stand tall fellow porn hounds, without us we would be ten years behind where we are right now, technologically speaking. And remember that when you head to the polls to vote.

If you don’t like the two party choices we currently have I strongly urge you to look into Libertarian Party ideology, they flat out make sense and they have the most to gain from a grass roots campaign by online voters.

Consider this, Suppose in the next election we put just 4 Libertarians in the US house, now suppose that the democrats and the republicans evenly split the rest of the seats. Now those 4 Libertarians weild a LOT of power….they have the swing vote, don’t think this is far fetched it happens in politics all the time, the Greens have at times wielded huge amounts of power in western europe despite only a handful of votes.

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The Internet Freedom Association:

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