Damn Why can’t we have a Guvna Like Jesse? From Associated Press:

AP: Internet users will be able to control whether their service providers disclose their personal information under a new Minnesota law that could speed federal action on Internet privacy.

National Internet companies fought the bill, signed by Gov. Jesse Ventura yesterday, and its authors described it as the most comprehensive state Internet privacy law. It won’t take effect until March.

The law requires ISPs to tell Minnesota consumers whenever they plan to disclose such personal information as which Web sites users have visited, their e-mail or home addresses or their telephone numbers. They also would have to say what the information would be used for.

It requires that ISP contracts say in a “conspicuous” way whether their customers would have to take action to prevent the information-sharing once people are notified, or if the service provider would need permission to proceed.

The bill will let consumers sue businesses that violate the law, with exceptions for giving information to law enforcement.

In this day and age of robbing us left and right of our privacy rights, first in the name of the war on drugs, then in the name of anti-terrorism, it is refreshing to see that someone has the balls to JUST SAY NO! My hats off to Governer Ventura for this move, and to the good people from Minnesota who placed him in office, In my opinion this guy has far more common sense and leadership potential than any President I have witnessed in my 44 years as an American by birth. I hope more politicians like Jesse pop up and I hope more voters educate themselves on the issues and adopt similar Libertarian ideologies. If it’s worth anything I whole heartedly endorse this man for the Presidency in 2004.

3080cookie-checkDamn Why can’t we have a Guvna Like Jesse? From Associated Press:

Damn Why can’t we have a Guvna Like Jesse? From Associated Press:

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