As a Libertarian I am in favor of the legalization of drugs

what a person does with his/her own body is not the governments business. yesterday I was talking to a friend who is a mainstream Executive Producer, later this year we (yes me too) are shooting a project in Jamaica and he was commenting about how much he loved it down there, one reason being that ganja is only 200.00 a pound. He went on to say the same quality weed here in GA goes for about 4200. Hmm 4000.00 in “transportation fees”. If pot were legalized it would cost about the same as a pack of cigarettes. Now you should be able to see why organized crime does NOT want drugs to be legal, and they are lining the pockets of politicians in order to see to it that drugs STAY illegal. Oh the funnel it in through legit sources but believe me, they do not want to see it made legal, that would take all the money out of it, kinda like it did with porn….

The Supreme Court has ruled that “virtual child pron” is NOT illegal. If the children are computer generated and there were no children involved in the process of making the images then no laws have been broken. This is a very touchy subject and I’m not sure how I feel about it, the biggest issue I see is how would you know, computer imagery can generate photos that look very real, and it is simple enough that most any computer user can do it. In a 6-3 ruling by Judge Kennedy this Clinton law was struck down. My Libertarian leanings tell me that even though something may be offensive, it is an affront to the first amendment to make computer generated images illegal.

2360cookie-checkAs a Libertarian I am in favor of the legalization of drugs

As a Libertarian I am in favor of the legalization of drugs

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