Why the Gun Control Vote Today Was The Correct Vote

Today the gun control bill went down in flames and President Obama went live on the air to excoriate the Republicans for not voting for it. Truth is it was Democrats that caused it to fail.

His most ridiculous plea was that 90% of Americans wanted it, so does that mean that if 90% of Americans want to put your ass back picking cotton that should happen?  Of course not, we have this thing called a Constitution that protects the minority rights, even if 99% want to do something.  If you want to repeal the Second Amendment there is a mechanism in place for doing so but I digress.

You see most people didn’t understand the legislation, there was a provision in it for Homeland Security to form a gun registry, I would imagine a lot of people would have a problem with that, of course some wouldn’t but then when Hitler did that in Germany nobody seemed to mind much either.

But there are other problems with it….All you people who are putting your kids on psychotropic drugs because they arent getting out to play enough and they have too much energy…Ya your precious little snowflake wouldn’t be able to own a firearm later in life….uh oh.

There is yet another problem: Banning the private transfer of firearms between law abiding individuals, do we really want the government to have that authority?  What will they limit next?

And finally banning a gun or a clip because of how it “looks” is a superficial move that is just pandering to the government must keep me safe crowd.  You see a high capacity magazine doesn’t stop anyone, do you know it takes me less than 1.5 seconds to change a clip in my .45  ACP?  The only real limit is how many clips I can put in my pocket….so if my pockets can hold 8 10 round clips they can hold 16 5 round clips  its the same amount of space the same amount of bullets and it doesnt change the potential amount of people that could be shot.

Finally did you ever think of asking yourself this question?  If the government fails to protect me how am I going to protect myself?  The answer as every Jewish person in Germany learned, is with weapons.

If you wish to repeal the second amendment go for it but stop trying to erode it a little bit at the time.

OK Back to porn.

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Why the Gun Control Vote Today Was The Correct Vote

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  1. If do not defend second amendment what stand for frist amendment would be target next buys those want get ready of all are bill rights. There is strong movement try get take way are bill right if where not vigilant on subject it can happen.

  2. For quite a while now we have seen our country slowly change into the rich and the poor and the middle class is vanishing into one of the other 2 (mostly the latter).

    At some point down the road those that have little to nothing are going to rise up and overthrow this system. Because the govt. fears that day they want to enact laws that are designed to get the guns out of the general public all while laying down a smokescreen of “its to get the guns away from criminals”.

    They don’t want the vast majority of americans to have guns. They want just law enforcement and military and govt. agencies to have the guns. So when that shitstorm day hits the average american will not have a gun to protect themselves or help those that are trying to overthrow the system that keeps all the wealth in a handful of people’s hands.

  3. “its to get the guns away from criminals”

    Very true, KF. That mantra rings true to most decent citizens, and most everyone can agree with it in principle. Criminals shouldn’t have guns, right? That is, until we start defining “criminals”. It’s a divide and conquer technique used by cultures throughout history. it’s being used in the porn industry TODAY (ref: the vague “obscenity” cases), in the so-called “sex offender” database (seriously, pissing in public or getting caught with a hooker is lumped in with pedos?), and this whole “war on drugs” bullshit. Criminalize a certain group because their ideas or actions don’t agree with “decent” folks. Do it one group at a time, and nobody will stand up for that group. When it comes time to attack your ideas and freedoms, the previous groups are already criminalized. Pretty soon, the government has effectively disarmed most of the citizenship. All with the unsuspecting approval of “90% of the population”. What part of “will not be infringed” is so hard to understand?

    And Eric, you’re correct. A small militia with hunting rifles, or even semi-auto ar15’s or ak47’s wouldn’t be able to withstand a military attack. But how many good soldiers do you think would remain in service when it comes time to attack private citizens on our own soil? Mike rightly mentioned the “mental illness” aspect of some of these bills. You think maybe there’s a reason our government wants to diagnose as many ex-military personnel as possible with PTSD (or whatever the correct term of the day is). We certainly can’t have trained warriors running around with guns, not when we’re finished with them, anyway, right?

    Personally, I took an oath many years ago, to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I don’t recall there being an expiration date on it.

  4. Someone needs to reming Obama that criminals do not obey the law. If it is a crime to have gun, then only the criminals will have them. Ask the guys who defended their propery during the Rodney King riots if their stores wouldnt have burned down if not for them standing guard with their AK-47s. The cops were nowhere to be found, and only the armed citizens were providing protection.

  5. Stop listening to right wing pundits giving you bad info.
    “WASHINGTON — The background check compromise set to be introduced on Thursday will explicitly bar public officials from creating a national gun registry, penalizing those who do with a felony charge carrying a prison sentence of up to 15 years.”
    Also wanting a universal background check is not taking away type of freedom.
    And registering all guns is not a bad idea. All guns start as legal. You should be responsible for that gun. So you want to sell it to some scumbag who kills his wife with it. You should be answerable for that. There should extensive training you want a gun permit. That would also weird out the crazies.Give the gun the actual respect it deserves.


  6. Brenda, I agree. Most right wing pundits do more harm than good to their respective causes, especially when reasonable people catch them in outright lies. The problem is the alternative source of information is left wing pundits, who use the exact same tactics.

    Interesting that the huffpo article you cite was posted on 4/11 and goes on to say in the very next paragraph, “That language of the bill is still being crafted.”
    Wouldn’t it be easy for all these so-called news agencies to post a link to the actually bill and let people read the entire “language” for themselves instead of feeding us what they want us to know? But then, that would expose all the other vote-buying crap that’s in the bill. What happened to Obama’s 2008 campaign promise that all legislation would be made public? What happened to the republican’s glorious “Contract with America”?

    Left and right, politicians and pundits, they’re all liars. They cater to their special interests groups and their audiences, and say what’s expected of them. It’s how they keep their job, therefore they think it IS their job. It’s disgusting.

  7. Brenda, It is my understanding that it does bar the FBI from creating that registry, but it does allow DHS to create it. As the jews in Germany found out gun registration lets the government know where to come confiscate them.

  8. All Right. Get to keep my AK47, and all the other weapons created by man! LOL..how about some more ammo?

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