John Tyner Deserves A Medal

If you haven’t seen it, this is it……


Personally, I love this guy, he deserves a medal for being a good American. We have just reached the point where the time has come to tell the government, FUCK YOU!

They tell him him this is not a sexual assault and he says it would be if you weren’t the government….HELL YES IT WOULD.

Way to go John, today you are my hero.

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John Tyner Deserves A Medal

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4 Responses

  1. While I think he is right to start up for his rights, I also think he sort of managed to be a dick about it. What the video proves more than anything is that he came to the security checkpoint with an attitude and an agenda, and accomplished his agenda nicely. I don’t think he actually intended to fly anywhere.

  2. And the Federal agent at the end… Explains to him that he wants info to HELP him with the case “they” are going to bring against him??? WTF is that? Doesn’t even make sense that an agent would offer help to defend against a case the agency he represents intends to pursue. Kudus to Mr Tyner for knowing his rights and taking a stand.

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