Orlando airport has told the Transportation Safety Agency to Get The Fuck Out.  The airport is going to replace them with a private security firm.

According to the transportation safety act any airport can opt to use a private security firm after two years.

GOOD for Orlando….expect other airports to follow suit.

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  1. Airports realize they’re in the customer service business. TSA is chasing away customers and costing them money. I think we’ll see many airports following Orlando’s lead unless TSA makes some major changes in it’s policies AND in how it deals with people, and does so quickly.

  2. This will NEVER happen in Chicago where the union presence is so strong. The largest convention space in the US has lost so much business because of union costs AND they don’t care so I don’t see it happening here. Good for other airports!!!

  3. A key issue in this situation is the type of people the government hires to do these jobs. If it’s like most other low-level g’ment jobs, the only qualification is a pulse. Feel free to leave intelligence and common sense at home, it won’t be necessary. To make matters worse, it’s damn near impossible to fire such an employee, as doing so would be an admission that a problem exists. The private sector makes an effort to avoid these pitfalls, if not out of responsibility, then out of good business sense. Either way, the consumer dictates what they will tolerate as sufficient service, and what they consider to be adequate security measures. Sure, we want to feel safe. We also want to be free to choose the extent of our safety in regards to our freedoms. The airports are private businesses which must cater to the consumers in order to maintain themselves. To do so, it makes perfect sense to contract a privately owned security company that can be held responsible for the training and professionalism of it’s representatives. Competition and free enterprise works over government intervention every time!

  4. What do you bet there is a law through Congress and signed by Osama preventing them from firing the TSA within the week? I think the odds are 20 to 1 that the government does just that!

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