Tod Hunter corrects me:

The Tera Show is the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. It ain’t till next week, bruddah.”

Damn, damn, damn and double damn….here I thought it was every other week now I find I didn’t miss it at all, how can I face Adella? How could I not have known? After all I didn’t get a press release reminding me about it. And to think I went to all that trouble of re-creating the whole experience. and what or? Just to have Tod, the bedwetting left coaster that he is (Just Kidding Tod…for a Democrat yer OK in my book.) anyways he tells me I’m wrong. Just Damn, Libertarians do NOT take well to being wrong and it’s even more embarrassing when Democrats point it out. I hang my head in shame. I may even burn my NRA Card……Nah…

2780cookie-checkTod Hunter corrects me:

Tod Hunter corrects me:

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