A reader writes:

You will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that I cast my vote today for Pat Wright, the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California.

Did I dangle my chad for Mr. (Ms.? Who knows?) Wright as a result of your tireless proselytizing for the Libertarian cause? Well . . . no.

Wright got my vote because s/he is described on the ballot as a “Ferret Legalization Coordinator.”

The remaining candidates consist of a State Senator, a public relations director, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor, a real estate broker, a certified financial manager, and an educator/businessman. A motley and disreputable group, indeed.

The Libertarian Party: It’s Not Just for Kooks and Internet Pornographers Anymore.


PS – Sorry to hear about the house fire.

Thanks JMT every vote counts and it warms the cockles of my heart to know that lil ole me made a difference!

5780cookie-checkA reader writes:

A reader writes:

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