Uncle Peg Spends The Weekend In Jail

Part of Uncle Peg /aka Michael Whiteacre’s sentencing for domestic violence, appears to be weekends in jail.  many thanks to the person who tweeted me this..you ROCK!  That or the predator got himself arrested again!


As I looked into this it looks like this is a yet a new charge..not sure but will find out. regardless he was booked the 14th (Thurs) and looks like he cant get out till today at the earliest (Sunday)


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  1. rawalex

    Funny of the day is this tweet:

    Michael Whiteacre [email protected] 3h3 hours ago
    Anti-Porn Evangelist Donny Pauling To Be Tried on Multiple Charges of Statutory Rape http://bit.ly/1FoAadt via @trpwl

    He’s more worried about Donny than himself, apparently!

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