MixedX Falls Under the Spell of Kitsune’s Love Illusion

MixedX delves into the mystical allure of a shapeshifting spirit with the popular Euro lesbian brand’s newest release, “Kitsune’s Love Illusion”.

May Thai plays the mysterious Kitsune who finds a special kinship with Kate Quinn, a beautiful college student deeply enamored with Japanese language and culture.

Kate’s stepsister Christy, however, finds Kate’s behavior lately to be strange and irrational, with May’s unseen influence on Kate emerging as the root of her troubles. When Christy confides in Kate about May seducing her in a dream, May suddenly appears and lures the stepsisters into a complex web of desire, love triangles and conflict.

Written and directed by Christina Shine, “’Kitsune’s Love Illusion’ explores how easily people can be irresistibly drawn into the supernatural powers that exist just beyond the veil of our everyday reality. May, Katie and Christy each bring an extraordinary depth to their performances that draw viewers into their seduction where reality and the surreal come together beautifully on the screen.”


“Kitsune’s Love Illusions” is available at MixedX.com and AdultTime.com/studio/MixedX.Find the stars on X – @Christy_whitee@missmaythai and Instagram @christy.white__ @katequinnxoxo@missmaythai

MixedX is available now to enjoy instant streaming and downloading across all quality online devices and platforms. To join, visit MixedX.com and follow on X @MIXEDX_COM @ChristinaShine_ @zsoltabrahamDOP.
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MixedX Falls Under the Spell of Kitsune’s Love Illusion

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