Laila Mickelwait goes after Pornhub

Laila Mickelwait goes after Pornhub seeking justice

It’s difficult to not be a conspiracy theorist today. The world continues to embrace the ever increasing global madness. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, young Hamlet is haunted by the ghost of murdered father, King Hamlet. The haunting slowly drove the young prince to insanity and his peace only came when he fully embraced it. But alas, it also led to his death. Therefore, it’s reasonably prophetic to say that nothing will return to normal until society, in its madness, destroys itself.

In the 1990s the general public viewed racists as idiots, homophobes as jerks and anyone who harmed a child as pure evil. But by 2023 racism has returned with hurricane force, gayness is once again linked to sexually deviancy and the medical industry is performing castrations and mastectomies on children. The majority of people appear to participate on some level, or try to ignore the insanity altogether. Instead of a unified voice of resistance, all we get is little snide comments on social media. In simple terms, society is embracing the madness instead of pushing back.

When the porn tube sites began to appear, there was no shortage of people in the adult industry who tried to push back. Albeit, we were mostly motivated by the piracy and loss of revenue. Only, let’s not kid ourselves, professional sex workers absolutely knew where letting the general public have control of uploading porn was going to end up. We had also learned that ‘Big Tech’ is not anyone’s friend and it’s especially the enemy of the sex industry. For the tech industry, it’s dominant business model is composed of 3 elements:

1st to profit from the hard work of others without compensating them

2nd to find technologically based methods of circumventing laws that don’t work in its favor.

3rd to destroy everything that it can. (To quote Zuckerberg, “Unless you are breaking stuff, you aren’t moving fast enough.”)

Laila Mickelwait routinely posts on X about how Aylo (Formerly Mindgeek) has aided in abuse and human trafficking. There are numerous such angry people who want this to stop. But none of them admit (or even realize) that ‘They were warned’ and ignored us. Be it street walkers, escorts, call girls or pornstars, everyone who has sex for a living knows that Johns need to be controlled. You never give them carte blanche because they’ll just eventually get dangerously stupid. At least with roadside hooker, the client fears getting either a face full of pepper spray or a pimp that will bust their teeth.

The porn tube sites robbed the power from the sex workers and gave it to the Johns.

There have always been laws that govern the sex industry. 18 USC 2257, The Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act was passed by congress in 1988. It required that strict records be kept of the people who appeared in porn videos by the producers. There were even more laws demanding that store owners ensure that the pornography they sold couldn’t be on display in a way that minors might see it.

The porn industry has never enjoyed an era of lawlessness like Big Tech does with porn today. Prior to 1988 the rules were enforced by pimps and organized criminals. Raping and trafficking could bring an extreme and fanatical level of law enforcement attacks on everyone. The generation who made adult entertainment in the 1970s are quick to admit the many of the abuses that occurred were because of illegal drugs. Equally, they’re also quick to admit that those causing too many problems or scrutiny for everyone often got their knees busted. By comparison, today’s abusers and traffickers know that they’ll most likely get away with their crimes.

Amorality is the total absence of morality, including immorality.

The porn industry has always been immoral. It has no shortage of colorful characters, criminals, perverts and fools. But most sex workers instinctively know that there are unwritten codes of conduct. For example, we make sure everyone who works gets paid and to keep all minors at a far distance. Failing to do either will get someone ostracized very quickly. First generation pornstars from the 1970s will tell you, that bad news traveled faster than even today’s modern Internet could handle.

By comparison, ‘Big Tech’ has absolutely no morality. It will do, whatever makes a dollar and it can get away with. The porn tube sites only had to make a half-ass attempts to curtail the criminality that was openly being perpetrated on their platforms. This way their lawyers could stand before a judge and claim that they’re making efforts to correct the situation. Aiding piracy, the creation of child sex abuse content and trafficking could all be negated by simply pointing to their process of enforcement. Unofficially, enforcement was never intended to be efficient because doing so would hurt the bottom line… The profits!

Today’s Internet tech companies have unprecedented relationships with governments and banks. The largest porn tube platform received its capital from 2 former Goldman Sachs bankers who managed the Fortress hedge fund. Such people and this level of wealth will buy an enormous amount of government influence. 18 USC 2257 is an American law, but the majority of nations have very similar regulations. All any government had to do was just enforce the existing laws, but instead, like a global conspiracy, the world was given silence.

The porn industry is just a scapegoat to keep the public from scrutinizing Big Tech’s unethical behavior and attitudes. No one in power truly wants to bite the hand that feeds them, or in this case pays them. So, how many of the organizations just beginning to vocalize concern, are truly committed to fixing the problem?

Because this mess started in 2007/8, the question for those few who are fighting back is “Where the hell have you been?”

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Laila Mickelwait goes after Pornhub

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5 Responses

  1. The absolute inaccuracy of this article and wrongful blaming of
    porbhub and “John’s” is a travesty to the truth that currently plagues and has crippled the once incredible and
    great adult entertainment industry. It’s comparable to blaming Capitalism for poor people.

    Pornhub and content platforms have liberated Sex Workers and Pornhub Stats contributes greatly to the adult film
    workers and production companies who want to hire them. Porn viewers
    on tube sites allow the production companies to understand which performers will have the greatest market value.

    The only entities that robbed the sex workers of the industry of any grace, integrity, or dignity would be the actual “legal” PIMPS posing as “AGENTS ” that collect a % from the production companies, the females, and now all the males.

    These PIMPS along with TTS have collectively crushed the income of every performer and production company.

    When these PIMPS were able to take control over all the male performers they became able to charge production companies that have to already pay
    for locations, flights, hotels, models, now extra charges for each man and woman
    that is brought onto set.

    On top of all that, TTS which used to be a good service, and PASS doubled down on testing by requiring production companies to pay for bi-monthly testing which turned into
    weekly testing when the TTS PASS PIMPS had the brilliant idea of pandering and fawning over the lbgqtqialmnop+ community to allow
    potential HIV Gay Barebacking males into the rest of the talent pool making every performer a bled out interchangable sex tool for pimps to rip off every way possible.

    I thank God for pornhub, Only fans, and all these tube sites that help distance performers from these criminal enterprises that allow Sex workers the ability to safely get tested with their insurance for free, sell their bodies to John’s, and make videos without having to
    give even a penny to greedy degenerate PIMPS posing as agents, or hundreds of dollars every week to a greedy medical company that is also pushing
    performers to take Prep, a drug that erodes your actual bones and dissingrates your kidneys.

    I find it very sad and unfortunate that Laila Mickelwait even dares to go after “Johns” in her article since it’s the “Johns” who are litterally the ones that pay for the sex work. Talk about biting off the hand that feeds
    you. Without Johns there would be no sex industry. Maybe instead Laila, you should focus on encouraging sex workers to treat John’s better, produce higher quality content and work on themselves both physically and mentally instead of being pimped out to the point where their pussy’s start to smell like Vietmanese fish market on a hot Summer day with no electricity.

  2. God Bless PornHub
    Long Life PornHub. DIDOS and understood this porn news site and all that for having different authors with various opinions and point of views. PornHub provides a valuable and treasured platform to just about anyone. PH has liberated the Adult Industry. Liberated sex workers, elevated small producers to large scale productions.
    IE: This man Owen Grey has made a hell of a name for himself,

    Performers are no longer held locked up in fucked up long term and extended contracts, people like Matrix Models held young unsuspecting women like ants in an ant farm plastic sandbox for far too long. Just about any sex worker content creator can get on PornHub and brand themselves. PH is great and the adult industry should be grateful


  3. Another held up on a crutch by the Christian evangelical morality police. Laila Mickelwait hears and sees what’s not truly there. Its like dementia is setting in. HERE COMES THE WHITE SAVIOUR INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. If you don’t like porn, I highly recommend tweaking your browser settings.

  4. PornHub will emerge, I only see PH as a target for ambulance chasers. First thing producers look at before they book scenes is a performer’s PornHub stats. The FSC should be mounting a vigorous counter against said Ambulance chasers and tell them
    Get the FuckOuttaHereee

    PornHub is a vital part of the Industry. If they were not, no one would be trying for an illegitimate payday

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