Modern Slavery

We’re all in the grips of modern slavery

Modern slavery is being perpetrated on a historically unimaginable scale and you’re probably a victim of it. Mark Twain once said that “Truth is stranger than fiction”. The reason is that fiction is obligated to stick to possibilities; while truth is unfettered from the limitations of imagination. As such, the truths surrounding modern slavery are easily beyond the wildest known conspiracy theories, also dwarfing our most creative dystopian fiction. And as global administration becomes a more feasible reality, modern slavery is being perpetrated by both western democracies and banana republic dictatorships. Often under the guise of providing social services or addressing safety concerns.

There’s nothing modern about why this is being done. The reasons for it are as old as humanity itself; wealth and power. Wealth is easy for most people to understand because we’ve been taught to idolize celebrities and that the pursuit of the dollar is worth sacrificing or risking both our health and relationships. By contrast, power is a more difficult concept to grasp, and its definition is kept hidden from us. Hidden by a combination of hazards and the ruling classes’ deliberate design.

The definition of power is simply put, the ability to make others do as you wish or use them as you want. Human beings can be forced to obey like machines, or worse, like livestock, they are completely expendable for whatever whim or purpose the “elites” desire. Given the wide-held belief among the ruling class that we are overpopulated, it is obvious that our deaths are more valuable than increasing our birth rates. Deaths, under the right media spotlight, can induce fear and panic and turn us against one another through deftly placed blame. In modern slavery, the slaves are mere possessions, easily replaceable objects of little intrinsic value. When a ruler steals from or murders you, they face no consequences because compared to theirs, your life is worthless, except as an easily manipulated tool.

There is resistance to believe in modern slavery, given the prevailing use of the word slave. Hollywood has painted a picture of whips and chains used against visible minorities by enforcers for an upper social class. That is simply not how things work here today. Gone is the industrialists’ desire for a strong labor force. Machines are capable of greater production, and they don’t strike or get sick. Economic growth is measured by what is spent, so medical expenses, lawyers fees and even inflation on paper present a healthy economy. Our nation’s overweight, pharmaceutically dependent, emotionally conflicted majority is by design. Easily manipulated, and dependent like a loyal customer means continued spending for which the privileged few profit exponentially. In fact, such is the subversive nature of modern slavery, that even the slave owner is difficult to identify.

In the era of plantation slaves, few were afforded a formal education.

Today’s access to scholarship and necessitous advanced studies would have one believe that at least intelligence is prized. But we are graduating more functionally illiterate than ever and fewer still, among the learned will question the authenticity of their lessons. Just look back on the past few years to see the consequences of voicing independent thoughts, quoting statistical analysis, or pointing out the bias in the prevailing reported science of 2020 and 2021. Think you’re safe if you can code? Not so, you are another tool to make AI more effective, to help build more capable machines, able to repair themselves. With the certain objective of replacing all undesirable, free-thinking individuals from society entirely. Even, as AI becomes more developed, replacing its programmers.

Steele Hard

Harsh words, but then, important truths have never been gentle. It’s the combination of great wealth and power that turn a ruler, for lack of a better word, into a god. In allegorical terms; wealth allows them to live in the opulence of heaven, while power gives them control over life and death. But unlike kings and emperors of the past, who inherited their positions by mostly circumstances of birth; today’s human demigods are psychos whose path to domination, is littered with those who suffered in their associations and support of their leadership.

Modern slavery like historical slavery has 2 key elements

First modern slavery must eliminate or control freedom of movement. Slaves don’t get to leave their master’s property without permission. The recent demand for health passes, determined who could go to restaurants, access medical care, attend group functions or even board planes. Some locations denied all “non-essential” travel, blocking highways and harassing citizens who dared leave their homes for a little fresh air.

Under the pretense of combating climate change, affordable gasoline and diesel vehicles must be replaced by expensive electric ones. Electric cars are electronic cars and are, or soon will be, “spying machines.” It’s logical to assume that at the very least, someone can be followed from charging station to charging station. But these vehicles are capable of identifying their driver, through biometrics, and they can track driving habits, reporting infractions to streamline fines or increase insurance premiums, without the need for police or investigation. And as self-driving cars become the only electric vehicles available, they will be able to decide where and when to go somewhere, not you. In comparison, an analog gasoline vehicle can anonymously be driven from gas station to gas station by paying cash. Once self-driving cars become popular, it will be too late because their cameras can easily be programmed to spot and record the location of any analog cars on the road.

The 2nd thing modern slavery must eliminate (or severely control) is cash. Already many live their entire life without ever handling cash because of things like direct deposit, debit cards, apps and government social programs such as EBT. Slaves like a family pet, have always been provided for, they just have to take what they are given or go without. Under no circumstances should slaves be allowed the means to buy their way out of their servitude. This control of money is what makes the ruling elites untouchable! Revolt is avoided because no one can convince his neighbor to risk losing what he has for the chance of gaining something that he hasn’t. Sadly though, with the marginalization and near-total control of cash, you can’t even hope to buy your way out of servitude. You will never be able to buy land in hopes of going “off-grid” without the ruling class knowing. Actually, many places with their HOAs and government regulations have already made these dreams impossible.

Soon it will be game over

Once the elites have control over transportation and cash, 99.5% of the population will be effectively enslaved. The generational poverty and social service dependency that is rampant in our ghettos is only a fraction of today’s modern slaves. As people fall through the cracks and wind up on the streets, more will be lost as a drug-abusing statistic. Those who want an easy way out will exchange their pursuit of happiness, for a lifetime (both theirs and future generations) of chasing a social credit score. It’s only going to be the very rare individual, someone with a good pair of hiking boots, who knows wilderness survival, that will be able to escape the mass imprisonment, going where they please. However, that too may change, because of the advanced drone technologies being developed.

Failing to take a moral stand for freedom today, is to condemn your children to a modern slavery far more deceitful and abusive than a 17th century slaver’s whip and chains. By the time this generation’s grandchildren are adults, most will be on a plethora of prescribed drugs, due to mass mental illness. But the dependent relationship doesn’t end there; wanting to control our breeding too, the state will eventually assign gender and who they will be allowed to love.

For the independent-minded, free-thinking individual, the near future will be so cruel, that death by an actual crucifixion will seem merciful. All anyone needs to do to stop this enslavement of the masses is stop listening to their bullshit… Stop buying their electronic junk. Stop participating in their stupid crap!

It’s documented fact that serial killers and career politicians have the same personality, they’re both psychopaths. A serial killer kills by the handful, while government murders by the millions with less effort. The majority of people fear the serial killer while trusting the government. This is why in the Auschwitz death camp so many quietly stood in line waiting for their turn to enter the gas chambers.

Regardless of how you might fool yourself, World War 3 has already has already begun.

It’s the war against the psychopaths…

It’s a war of choosing between freedom and modern slavery…

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Modern Slavery

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