Make 1984 fiction again

Make 1984 fiction again if you enjoy freedom.

Make 1984 fiction again

Make 1984 fiction again or doom us to be the last generation to understand its warning. Most people who have read George Orwell’s dystopia tend to focus on the control that the government exerts on the public. However, the perceptive reader understands that Winston, the main character, fears his neighbors infinitely more than his government. And as a government employee, his livelihood depended on it. Regretfully, between 2019 and 2022 the planet was given an example of life in an Orwellian world. For without the manipulation of the masses, politicians, are useless blowhards. Powerless to effect change without a compliant public, the impotent human garbage rely on their con artistry to convince the vehemently self-righteous and fearful of low IQ, to do their dirty work.

Take two of the most notorious evil men, Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler, neither actually physically killed anyone themselves. Instead, they had no shortage of individuals who were willing to do it for them. Keep in mind, that the majority of their followers believed themselves to be heroes engaged in a battle of good versus evil, and that’s why the self righteous are as easy to con as the unintelligent. Manson convinced his followers about the validity of Helter Skelter and Hitler conned the German people into believing that Jews were inherently evil and subversive. Sadly, history is filled with numerous examples of con-artists convincing the masses to do their evil bidding.

The monsters who do the bidding of the monsters.

You have to ask yourself who is worse? Is it the con artist who convinces the masses to do what he wants? Or, is it the masses, who ignore common sense and refuse to think for themselves? Monsters like Manson and Hitler might have been locked up in a jail or an asylum had the average person simply turned their back on either. To make 1984 fiction again is really as simple as ignoring politicians, celebrities and the media. They have no power to remake society into their totalitarian fantasy when we just engage our brains and recognize their con job. There’s nothing noble or moral in letting others tell you what to think and thereby control your actions.

In 2019 we were given an opportunity that perhaps followers of Manson and Hitler didn’t have. That opportunity was to see who are real enemies were and how far they were willing to go to persecute everyone that didn’t conform to the official dichotomy. Certainly it was the police officers who persecuted places of worship, the doctors who prevented love ones from visiting their dying family members and a vast ocean filled with mask cultists and gestapos who enjoyed persecuting others with their self-proclaimed moral superiority. But, it was also everyone who chose cowardice over courage, who, with their silence, complied with the monsters spewing orders.

In 1941 men lied about their ages so they could go fight against a German megalomaniac and his obedient minions. Today young men hide behind computer screens and smart phones while patting themselves on the back that they’re “sharing information,” lying to themselves with the belief that their comments on social media are going to make a difference. Courage is not being fearless, it is standing up to your fears in spite of them. To make 1984 fiction again, you have to stop lying to yourself and chose bravery over cowardice.

The struggle for freedom isn’t digital; it’s analog.

It’s dirty… It’s ugly… It’s expensive… It’s unsafe… and above all everything else, it’s fought face to face and not behind a computer screen or with a vote. In all of known human history, it’s been someone’s lies that have caused all of mankind’s problems. While historically, only a man’s fist has solved anything. Only the fist holds accountable the tyrants, and keeps people in line with consequences.

We are living in a world where weakness is rewarded. Our puppet-masters keep their attention on the clock, purposely running out the time they have allotted us to speak. Our angry and desperate pleas for mercy falling upon deaf ears in town halls and on social media. That isn’t fighting back, that isn’t holding anyone accountable and it certainly isn’t changing anything.

Cowardice or courage, it’s your call America.

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Make 1984 fiction again

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