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Make 1984 fiction again
America the police state
Hamilton Steele

Make 1984 fiction again

Make 1984 fiction again if you enjoy freedom. Make 1984 fiction again or doom us to be the last generation to understand its warning. Most people who have read George

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A gun to your head
Free Speech
Hamilton Steele

A Gun to your head

A Gun to your head is going to be AI A gun to your head makes you do whatever the one holding the gun wants. It removes choice and free

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Voice For Reason

Here Come the Digisexuals

Scientists say ‘digisexuals’ inevitable as more humans bond with robots Academics are arguing that many people will soon be identifying as ‘digisexuals’ and taking their sexual identity from having sex

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I was thinking about people, men and women, yin and yang and all that. I’m pretty deep into the documentary at this point and the impossibility of pigeon-holing people with

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