I was thinking about people, men and women, yin and yang and all that. I’m pretty deep into the documentary at this point and the impossibility of pigeon-holing people with labels, etc… Take Samantha Ryan, for instance, she doesn’t fit the “porn star” mold. Not the “porn star” stereotype that a person would like to have. She writes her own music, plays the piano and sings, can talk to anyone about a variety of topics and defies the “dumb bimbo” image. Bobbi Starr – trained oboist, educated, eclectic. Monica Foster – website developer, entrepreneur, owns and manages her own career and content. And I guess people would argue that there are always exceptions to the rule, but isn’t the act of labeling a person just a lazy way to avoid evaluating each person on a case-by-case basis? Isn’t that the foundation of all small mindedness?

I guess it all comes back to catching up with our present. So many rules and laws and stereotypes about people are stuck in the past. Our era is running at breakneck speed into the future with technology leading the way when we don’t even fully comprehend the consequences of all the things we create, and our feeling systems sit far back in time only crawling to catch up with all this bleeding invention. Our logic is hemorrhaging with political correctness and gadgets and how to make time for it all as our feelings sit safe and tucked away in a box in the attic. It’s not even valid to label people anymore, and yet in the business of catching the bus and watching missed television episodes on our iPod, we still label as a quick compartmentalization tool to avoid our own deeper minds wrought with unused, undissected feelings. And I suppose that has always been the case.

So what? Does one move to Tibet and meditate in mountain recesses to make time for sorting through feelings, for relaxing? Is it pssible that sorting through feelings is the only way to truly relax? We find these other mass communication ways to do it and bond with “our own kind” yet still seem to miss the mark. Going to church and nodding through talk of Heaven and golden gates and angels and yelling agreement at the person during their soliloquy. It’s all an organized “fast food” process of just making it through the day without killing anyone, including ourselves. Drink, shoot up, buy a prostitute, fill a prescription, collect animals, go to the store, read a book, run… It’s terrifying to think about sitting still. … Why? I’ve always wondered why. What bad can happen from it? I’ll see something I haven’t seen in a long time? I’ll feel something? But what if that’s not true? What if all the running and going is to avoid something truly wonderful? And I find even my judgments extend to the things I don’t know, out of fear. Too much fear of inactivity and too much fearlessness for running and going and accidentally colliding with someone and wars based on illogical things and misunderstandings. There should be classes in school about relaxing. Learning relaxation techniques at an early age should be mandatory. Hmmm…. and do we mistake sleep for relaxation? The conscious mind’s falling away is a “recharge” action, yet I sleep pretty restlessly. Every year there’s some new mental and emotional diagnosis and some new drug to treat it. Alcoholic, sex additcion, ADD, OCD… and maybe it all really comes down to our inability to stop for twenty minutes and really relax. Hmm… on that note… 😀



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