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Pick A Side

There seems to be a lot of positioning lately on one side or the other in the world of adult entertainment, but the lines seem blurred. It used to be

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The Industry I Remember

I did not suffer as a drug addict, an alcoholic, or as a traumatized woman in the adult industry. I didn’t lie to anyone because I had nothing to hide.

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Random Whatnot

I don’t know what to write about, so I’m just going to write about the things that pop into my head. I woke up this morning to my husband telling

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Steve Driver and his victims…

How sad that anyone gets to that point. I’m sure everyone knows about the incident by now. There are only so many details, but I’d like to interview someone close

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I was thinking about people, men and women, yin and yang and all that. I’m pretty deep into the documentary at this point and the impossibility of pigeon-holing people with

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Why Be ‘Julie Meadows’?

Someone posed a question to me, sort of… It was in an e-mail and it wasn’t a direct question, but it made me think of it that way and want

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Drift Back In Time

Ha! Oh man… After last week’s post I know I have to write something happy. It’s the crazy back and forth of being an extremist. The highs are so high

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I Feel Like I’m Dying

I have officially lost my mind. My good friend Mike South put in a good word for me at a prominent adult company, I was given a career opportunity that

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Trying To Understand The Craziness

People have been grappling with the topic of religion for generations – so long ago we can’t really fathom the complexity of such an issue. It’s wrapped up in a

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Monica Interviews: 1 – 6

Monica Foster is a woman. I don’t say this as an insult to other females, it’s just that when you meet a woman, you know it. She entered the adult

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What Now?

I quit my job today. I can’t say anything else about it, either. I quit and now… what? The goal in my life is to find things, figure other things

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Perdition in a Post

I’m drinking a beer. Why? Because in my life, and what I’ve been through, and what I’ve seen, I deserve to drink a beer. I deserve to drink. A. Lot.

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Random Things

I’m going to totally pussy-out of writing “Relationships: part 5” this week. I started two nights ago and couldn’t get my thoughts to connect properly. Then, last night, I realized

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Relationships, part 3: The Prostitute

Raven picked me up – her boyfriend, “Johnny”, driving. I crawled into the sprawling Escalade and was promptly handed a flask full of vodka. I took a swig and leveled

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Relationships, part 2: The Prostitute

Raven and I became friends because we both liked Red. Escorts and prostitutes don’t have support groups, they have each other. They are their own support group. There’s no one

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Can a Person Change?

This is a bit of a diary-style entry, but I am faced with some interesting questions and choices and I need to write about them. I find my plight and

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