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There seems to be a lot of positioning lately on one side or the other in the world of adult entertainment, but the lines seem blurred. It used to be that you were in porn and pro-porn, or not in porn and pro-porn or anti-porn, but there are a lot of people in porn, it seems, and a lot of people infiltrating the industry via industry alliances, doing everything they can to make it a more difficult place to exist in or trying to get rid of it entirely. Maybe I don’t have the full picture of the industry’s past, but there’s a weird game being played and I’m disappointed by the people playing an integral part in allowing these anti-porn groups to get what they want, as if taking their money is just “business as usual”. Maybe it is. Maybe these “industry” people have always been indifferent. Maybe they have a backup plan should their livelihood go away. They certainly aren’t the thousands of actors and actresses faced with losing their jobs should their jobs just “go away.”

But, then again, maybe it’s brilliant. I mean, you’ve got the anti-porn organizations showing up at Exxxotica LA, AdultCon, etc… They bring their church people, who surely get a thrill from all the tan and toned, scantily-clad bodies. Maybe it’s a match made in heaven… so to speak. Hell, Shelley Lubben wrote this on her latest blog post of Exxxotica LA,

“Saturday morning Pastor Chadwick offered communion to Pink Cross team members. It was an awesome moment and probably a first time that has ever happened in a porn convention. Then two Christians representing their home church came inside the porn convention just to encourage Pink Cross and pray for us. Wow. It made a huge difference to know that churches support us and care about our mission. We hope more churches will get on board and help us continue to spread the Gospel in the porn conventions!”

Wow. Maybe these convention people are laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe the adult industry information blogs that buddy up to anti-porn organizations and post everything they send are laughing all the way to the bank, as well. Maybe it just makes sense to them to take their money if they are sure that no one can just “take down” the porn industry. It directs a new group of traffic their way, it certainly fills the venues a bit to replace the folks that are too broke to attend. Everyone knows that religious groups thrive during times of economic strife because people scramble towards faith for peace of mind. That and liquor. Plus, we all know that “saints” struggle to not be “sinners”, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to dabble in voyeurism up close and personal. Balance in all things, right? I’m sure just as many people convert to a pro-porn stance by being subjected to it as turn anti-porn. I say if you struggle at all with it, you’ll eventually go the other way. One extreme begets the other extreme. That’s just the simplest and most logical way to look at it. The church is probably converting more people towards a pro-sex perspective than ever before thanks to the hordes these people lead straight into the convention halls and forums. They could, in their own way, be saving the industry by reviving it. I’m sure all the men Shelley boasted, who out-attended the women, would be very disappointed if they were no longer able to hang out and rally for “God” among the adorable faces and writhing bodies. Very disappointed, indeed!

But what if it is not just “business as usual?” It seems irresponsible to let thieves into your home, to take over at the head of the table and lead your family in prayer while they ransack your possessions. Shelley talks about all the free gifts they gave out at the show, that they’ll be handing out and throwing around more at the next show, that they need more donations for more gifts. What? Lipstick? Perfume? Twenty dollar Bibles? It’s a Circus-freak joke, at this point. I’m glad I’m not a performer in the industry, anymore. I would not have a sense of humor about one of these people – especially a full grown woman trying to look like she’s sixteen – insulting me to my face and trying to give me It’s A Girl Thing “Snob” Lip Gloss, or a pink Bible. I can say that even in porn, I was a woman, not a little girl. Guess perfume? A pink bracelet from Claire’s Boutique? A hot pink T-shirt? Not even when I was sixteen did I wear such things. Maybe the people who rent space for conventions are just not affiliated with pro-porn or anti-porn issues. They just rent the space and don’t care who rents it as long as they aren’t running people out, but I know that as a performer and/or adult company owner, I would avoid the events due to these anti-porn groups on principal alone. Will the adult industry ever grow a hairy sack and say no to people whose aim is to abuse it, eliminate it? I guess my question is: Will the “adult” industry ever grow up?

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Pick A Side

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  1. @MikeSouth1226 Good post buy Julie Meadows. I agree with her porn need stop hope people that try hurt well just go way if they ingor them. That not working just blood in water for those sharks who want gone. Plan simple people who want porn gone well tear part inside out. It old divide and conquer strategy. It all ready in play in porn.

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