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I don’t know what to write about, so I’m just going to write about the things that pop into my head.

I woke up this morning to my husband telling me that twelve people were found dead from a flash flood that happened in the wee hours of the morning where my son has been camping with his girlfriend and her family this week. I won’t get specific about where, but I went through a series of panic and denial thoughts, and then the calming, ‘You don’t know what’s going on, so relax until you do know,’ and then just distracted myself with a project I’m working on, trying to push back horrific thoughts from the news posts I’d read about stranded people and then hundreds more missing and a makeshift morgue being set up in the area. My ex finally called to say he’d spoken with our boy and that the storm had just barely missed their area. I took a deep breath and am still shaking it off.

My husband is unhappy with his job, and it pains me to watch what he goes through. Some employers reward their star employees and some use their power to keep them down so they won’t go anywhere, I guess thinking that rewarding them will give them a big head and they’ll leave. What he endures is harassing and eventually they’ll just push him away. He’s math wiz and knows better and yet they still treat him like he doesn’t understand everything fully. Telling a genius they “don’t get it” is not an endearing way to help them “get it”. Just the facts, man.

Times seem so strange right now. People are up in arms about immigration and then confusing it with racism. We’re facing a lot of problems and I don’t mind saying I’m not very impressed with Barak Obama. I don’t like gun-happy Republicans who don’t know how to pronounce the word “nuclear”, but I really don’t like how absolutely ineffective Obama seems to be, either. A combination of brawn and diplomacy is obviously just too hard to come by in a figurehead, but I have to remind myself they are just figureheads. Oh well, we get what we get, I guess. I still wouldn’t go back and vote for Sarah Palin. We really are fulfilling a sad projection. When Doug and I saw the movie “Idiocracy”, we nearly cried. We are living that right now. It doesn’t seem as bad as that, but if you really look at everything, it is that bad. The movie, itself, is a product of a projection based on how things are right now.

And the documentary. It’s going and it’s going well, as far as getting good content, but it does piss me off that two resources were suggested that, in the end, tried to own the product. That was a real hassle. I can’t go into any detail about it, but why in the world would I make a documentary in favor of models being treated like people just to hand the product over to “work for hire” sources I don’t know and am not in favor of over the models? Fucking people.

I guess that’s it. The sun is out, my “sun” is alive, no one strange owns the documentary and Doug, though disgruntled, is near me. 🙂

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Random Whatnot

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  1. Julie — this is off topic but I just attempted to read your blog and was blocked because my anti-virus flagged the site as an attack site. This usually means someone has hijacked your site and is using it for nefarious purposes. Mike, if you read this please pass on the message. The other areas of Julie’s site that I was on seem to be working.

  2. Thank you, mharris127. I’m letting my service provider handle it, but in the event that they cannot, I’m going to go through the long process of overhauling it. It’s a simple glitch, really, but it’s happened enough times now that Google has flagged it. In the meantime, I do have a fallback blog at http://www.juliemeadows.blogspot.com

    Thank you for the head’s up!

  3. Good Luck Julie! Mike South’s computer was hacked a couple of months ago and I understand that he spent the better part of two days getting his sites back up (he has more than one site and several of them were hacked at the same time). Why can’t people leave websites alone if they don’t like them. No one is saying they have to look at it if they don’t agree with it!

  4. And you know what guys, this is only the beginning, soon there will be chinese government entities hacking our power grid, our banking system, hell maybe even our defense department, all this will interrupt the flow of porn…that’s not cool..lol

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