Steve Driver and his victims…

How sad that anyone gets to that point. I’m sure everyone knows about the incident by now. There are only so many details, but I’d like to interview someone close to Steven Hill and/or one of the office employees, company owner… The mainstream media will make a circus of this, as they do all things. Even something spun as an ‘in-depth and intimate piece’ by popular celebrity hosts would surely focus on the anti-porn aspects of this tragedy regardless of the fact that so many people from various walks of life exhibit this same desperate behavior. It would be nice to post something that talks about the actual reality of the situation.

I feel really bad for everyone involved in this. If you don’t know, Steve Driver worked for Ultima DVD, Inc. and also lived at the office building, and for some reason (they say because he was getting fired and kicked out, though I’m sure there’s so much more to it than that), he took hold of a machete, located in the building, and killed one man and wounded two other people. Letting someone live in your office building may seem like a kind thing to do, but this is the second violent situation in the adult industry, that I am aware of, to arise from someone living in an office building. The first being the shootout at Evil Angel when a man was living in the warehouse and police investigated one night. I tried to find a story on this, but I couldn’t. If this information in incorrect, someone please let me know. It probably is out of kindness that any company owner or manager would let someone live in an office building, but I also know there are very stringent guidelines against this sort of thing. Human Resources people will give you a thirty minute lecture about lifting a box inappropriately. I can only imagine the diatribe that would follow wanting to let someone live in a building when there should always be in place very specific rules that cater to labor laws and health codes. It may seem very good for the individual, but it is not very good for the company.

My ex let his friend live in his recording studio years ago, which was an office building in Texas. The friend had a dog, and between them both, they trashed his studio. They didn’t hurt the equipment, but the friend was lazy and left his trash laying about, and the dog tore up the carpet and left the nice pungent stench of urine everywhere. I’m not suggesting everyone is like this, just emphasizing the importance of keeping the work place, the work place. Not everyone can afford to hire a Human Resources person, but there are several locations online that provide the same information and guidelines for office life that an actual person can provide. looks like a good resource for information. Just a little digging and you can learn everything you need to know about procedures for calming hostile coworkers, talking to employees without crossing any lines, etc… The adult community gets a bad rap for being irresponsible in ways, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are very good reasons that certain laws are in place and very good reasons for having an experienced HR person on your staff to talk to people about safety, appropriate behavior, good work ethics – not to mention that they are the people you go to if you feel you’re being treated unfairly, or have a problem with a person, or the job, itself. They are the mediators, the counselors, and their presence is good for every work environment provided the actual person is doing their job, doing it well and not, themselves, being harassing and inappropriate. I’m sure there are cases where one must revolve through a few to find a good one.

I guess in feeling bad, and helpless because all I have are words and not enough information to talk about anything else, this is my way of releasing the intense feelings of regret I feel for everyone involved. If anyone knows anyone I can reach out to who might be interested in talking about it, let me know. I don’t have to videotape it or provide the person’s name. It would be nice to at least provide a source of information that is not spun, or corrupted, or geared toward gouging already traumatized people. The point is to fascilitate an opportinuty to talk about it in a theurapeutic way.

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Steve Driver and his victims…

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