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Laila Mickelwait goes after pornhub
Hamilton Steele

Laila Mickelwait goes after Pornhub

Laila Mickelwait goes after Pornhub seeking justice It’s difficult to not be a conspiracy theorist today. The world continues to embrace the ever increasing global madness. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, young

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Inappropriate Sex Locations

Some people just have no boundaries when it comes to sex — including property location boundaries, evidently. Calico from Erotic Scribes looks at several recent incidents in which couples were

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Jessica Chase
Mike South Commentary
Mike South

Jessica Chase Gets New Charges

Jessica Grieco aka performer Jessica Chase is still being held on a 50K bond. You may recall I once shot her at Southern Bukkake. The DA recently has added charges

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Crazy Sex Laws

Crazy Sex Laws (Hey its slow in porn):

In Willowdale, Oregon, no man may curse while having sex with his wife. In Texas, sixteen-year old divorced girls are prohibited from talking about sex during high school extracurricular activities.

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