Trinity St. Clair Hires New Litigator – Nader Zargarpour ESQ

Nader Zargarpour (aka Nick Zargarpour), a Century City attorney specializing in business law, takes the helm in beleaguered porn star’s latest legal battle


Nader Zargarpour (aka Nick Zargarpour)
Nader Zargarpour

Information uncovered online and on file at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Van Nuys reveal that porn star Trinity St. Clair has replaced the defense litigator in her ongoing legal battle with adult talent agency LA Direct Models.

Beleaguered Trinity St. Clair Gets New Litigator
The Los Angeles County Superior Court in Van Nuys

The lawsuit, brought initially by two adult agencies, charges that Trinity St. Clair interfered with valid business agreements and/or committed economic torts.  As “a side note” to our coverage, we reported that adult performers and escorts have stated that ‘Trinity’s attorney” accepted or expected in-kind payment for services via sexual favors.

Trinity’s champions  1925 Century Park E #1700, Los Angeles, CA 90067

We cannot say for certain how many civil and criminal attorneys Trinity St. Clair has engaged over the years, but as of press time, she was working with at least two that we know of.

Last year in San Fernando, Calif., one of those lawyers filed suit on her behalf against a man she claims did not pay a sum she was owed. The case remains ongoing (a ruling was issued last week and additional court dates are set for January 2018).  Since there is no mention of a substitution of attorney in the court record, this same lawyer appears to still be working the case.

After reviewing court documents from these and other cases, both civil and criminal, in order to avoid confusion amongst our readers, it behooves us to issue a clarification:

In recent years, Trinity St.Clair has engaged multiple attorneys.

Her newest lawyer, Nader Zargarpour, Esq., (who is also known as Nick Zargarpour) is not the man that certain porn performers and escorts we referenced claimed had accepted or expected sexual favors.

LA Direct Models Inc. v. Trinity St. Clair

A search of the L.A. County Superior Court’s online portal indicates that St. Clair substituted Zargarpour as her legal counsel in the LA Direct suit.  It appears likely that Trinity’s initial attorney in the matter, who has represented other folks in the adult industry, withdrew over some potential conflict of interest re: former clients.

Trinity St. Clair Changes Horses, Hires New Litigator, Nader Zargarpour
Source: LA County Superior Court website
Trinity St. Clair has a new litigator
Some of the public available pleadings in the case. Source: LA County Superior Court website


Details gleaned from the courthouse indicate that Nader Zargarpour appeared as Trinity St. Clair’s attorney of record at a case management conference held Nov. 9 in Van Nuys before Judge Cotton.

The game and its players

Nick Zargarpour’s client, Trinity St. Clair, 27, is a petite brunette who has performed in porn for the past seven years in such kinky excursions as “Gangland Cream Pie 22” and “Facial Overload”.  According to her Twitter profile, she also operates something called Trinity St. Clair Management, and she is known to be affiliated with a website called Porn Companions.

St. Clair gained notoriety in a 2013 sex scandal involving porn star Samantha Saint and Richard Nanula, then-chairman of the Miramax film company.  Widely-reported in the media, the scam by Nanula, fronted by Ms. St. Clair, permitted the wealthy film professional to purchase sex from adult performers who did not escort.  Instead, St. Clair would book them for what they were led to believe was a commercial sex scene opposite “Mr. Rich”.

In June 2017, Trinity, who has been called many things, but never “licensed talent agent”, was sued by LA Direct Models and Matrix Models, both of whom charged that she had represented performers who were in fact under exclusive contract to their licensed, bonded talent agencies.  The agencies had been provided evidence in the form of emails and text messages relating to (performer) bookings in which St. Clair held herself out as their representative.

St. Clair with Kali Roses (source: Twitter)

Among the talent that the naughty St. Clair had claimed to represent, and actually booked for shoots, were performers Alex Grey and Naomi Woods. (Grey was signed to Matrix and Woods to LA Direct.)

Sources close to St. Clair claim her defense was, essentially, that the ladies booked the offending shoots on their own. However, St. Clair reportedly settled Matrix Models’ claim for $10,000 recently.

Which still leaves the charges leveled by Derek Hay’s LA Direct Models.


Trinity’s [new] litigator

There is no reason to believe that Trinity St. Clair’s attorney Nader Zargarpour has done anything improper in his representation of his sexy porn star client.  Even if the lewd and lascivious allegations concerning one of the starlet’s previous legal reps ever proved to be true, and although we see no evidence that her financial situation substantially improved before retaining a new Century City lawyer, there would still be no basis to simply assume that Zargarpour would request sexual favors from a porn star client or her nubile escort friends.

For the record, Mr. Nader Zargarpour gives every indication of being a first-class business litigator, dealmaker, and citizen. The State Bar of California gives him a clean bill of health.

According to the website for his business law practice, Zar Law Firm, Nader Zargarpour earned his J.D. at the University of West Los Angeles after graduating from UCLA and is bilingual in English and Farsi.  This got us thinking: who better to negotiate a contentious business dispute than a man who can even settle a tribal dispute?

Her attorney’s website notes that “Mr. Zargarpour has over 17 years of experience practicing law and over 34 years of experience working in an entrepreneurial business sphere. This combined legal and business training has honed Mr. Nader Zargarpour’s reputation as a knowledgeable deal maker, as he understands both the legal technicalities and the business aspects associated with winning your matter.”

And what is Trinity St. Clair if not a woman who toils in the “entrepreneurial business sphere”?  Perhaps to a fault.

Trinity St. Clair Hires New Litigator - Nader Zargarpour

Ladies man

It has also become clear to us that representing a woman under threat or in trouble is completely in character for Nick Zargarpour.  Again, quoting his website: “His pro bono work includes hundreds of hours of work for non-profits and individuals who couldn’t afford an attorney.  Mr. Nader Zargarpour was a board member of Safe Passage, an organization that helps protect women and children from domestic abuse.  He is a friend of the Westside Family Health Center, an organization providing free medical services to women and children, and he handles legal work for Face Forward, an organization that helps victims of severe domestic abuse.”

Bear in mind as well, attorney Nader Zargarpour is a happily married man.  His wife Jasmine (one of my favorite names) has a top-notch professional career, too, except she is a doctor with a respectable Southern California practice.

Not only does Nick clearly respect and support women, he was even named the 2016-2017 National Latina Business Women Association – Los Angeles “Man of The Year”!

So, we see that Zargarpour loves women and they love him: he’s virtually the epitome of a real-life ladies man.

And since his new client is indeed a businesswoman in Los Angeles, this coupling of the star of “Anal Spinners” with a Century City litigator looks like a match made in attorney-client heaven.

We hope that this ugly matter is resolved soon and that Mr. Nader Zargarpour is just the litigator to do it. Below is the calendar of upcoming events in the case.

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Trinity St. Clair Hires New Litigator – Nader Zargarpour ESQ

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