Trinity St. Clair’s Reversal of Fortune

After reportedly forking over 10 grand in a legal settlement, another costly payout seems inevitable


It’s been said that everywhere Trinity St. Clair goes, trouble follows. Whether it’s tricking porn stars into doing privates with Richard Nanula, getting tossed out of the TeXXXas Show, having LAPD raid her house, or partying with Amber Rayne before the latter’s drug death, Trinity always seems to be in the center of some kind of shitstorm. After years of heedless warnings, members of the adult biz appear to be through giving Trinity a pass. And for Trinity, the price of this reversal of fortune is high … and growing.

Superior Court

Earlier this year, we reported that on June 23 Trinity was sued in LA Superior Court by both LA Direct Models AND Matrix Models for unlawfully representing performers who were under contract to their licensed, bonded talent agencies.  Both agents had been provided emails and text messages related to bookings in which St. Clair held herself out as their representative.

Trinity St. Clair's Reversal of Fortune

Among the talent that St. Clair had claimed to be representing, and actually booked for shoots, were performers Alex Grey and Naomi Woods (Grey was signed to Matrix and Woods to LA Direct). One such booking was allegedly a shoot for Girls Gone Wild:

Pussy prison

The word is that St. Clair had a strong pimp hand indeed: Woods confirmed today that Trinity took control of all her social media and email accounts; basically, she held every password Woods (and then others) had, in order to isolate her and control the flow of information to and from the outside world. Moreover, Trinity moved the young women into her house in Woodland Hills and locked them inside her very own pussy prison. Grey allegedly escaped by breaking out of a window in the middle of the night.

In August we reported that St. Clair was repping starlet Uma Jolie. Since being sued, it looks as though Trinity has been sticking to booking girls who are not signed to any agency. But that does nothing to help her defense in the agents’ lawsuit against her.

St. Clair’s defense had been that the ladies booked the offending shoots on their own. However, in a spectacular reversal of fortune, St. Clair was reportedly forced to settle Matrix Models’ claim for $10,000 recently.

Not out of the woods

St. Clair seemingly held out hope that Naomi Woods would get her off the hook with LA Direct by denying that St. Clair had been booking her.

Woods initially went along with St. Clair’s narrative, but later wised up and abandoned her. Woods confirms that Trinity and her attorney tried to get her to sign papers stating that St. Clair had NOT been unlawfully or improperly representing her. Woods refused.

Trinity St. Clair's Reversal of Fortune
Naomi Woods on Trinity St. Clair

A side note: Trinity’s attorney, it has been alleged by models, has been expecting payment in the form of blow jobs from Trinity and girls she books for escorting companionship via the Porn Companions website.

Trinity St. Clair Porn Companions


Reversal of fortune

Doubtless her attorney has a brilliant legal mind, yet it still seems unlikely that Trinity will be able to avoid writing a check to LA Direct’s Derek Hay now that Woods won’t back her play. Ten grand is a nice round number, don’t you think?

Sounds like it may be time for another GoFundMe campaign.

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Trinity St. Clair’s Reversal of Fortune

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